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British design house creates its own take on Aston Martin DB9 convertible one year after it launched a coupé version

The Vengeance Volante is a new drop-top sports car produced by Kahn Design that’s based on the Aston Martin DB9.

The Bradford-based company revealed its latest model at the Geneva motor show, one year after the coupé version was launched.

It gets similar design changes to its exterior, including a wide-mouthed front grille and a DB7 Zagato-inspired rear end.

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The Vengeance Volante’s drivetrain is identical to that of the now discontinued DB9, so it uses a naturally aspirated Aston Martin V12 engine.

Inside, the seats and dashboard are covered in black leather, with black trim and contrasting silver accents elsewhere around the interior.

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Khan founder and boss Afzal Kahn said “Creating a convertible version of the Vengeance posed some challenges, given the unique coachbuilt nature of the vehicle, but we’ve overcome them in true British fashion.

“Following a detailed programme of testing, I’m delighted to be able to unveil the Vengeance Volante at this year’s show, and I’m confident it will receive the same enthusiastic reception as the original model did in 2016.”

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At the car's launch a Khan spokesman said the Volante would cost £480,000, but has since said each model's bespoke specification means prices will vary from car to car.

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Carman2 8 March 2017

Kahn Vengeance Volante

Looks like a very fine car to me. Would I drive it though? Yes I would! Would I buy one - Yes!
ah1335 8 March 2017


Half a million pounds for a 12 year old car with a dodgy bodykit and cheap looking interior? I don't think so.
superstevie 7 March 2017

HOW MUCH?! Ouch! It isn't

HOW MUCH?! Ouch! It isn't different enough for that money. And those wheels are hideous. I'm all for coach builds like they used to do, but this needs more effort. It is certainly no Disco Volante