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The striking 458 Spider-based barchetta concept is a tribute to late company boss Sergio Pininfarina

The Pininfarina Sergio, revealed at the Geneva motor show today, is a conceptual tribute to the leader of the famed styling house, who died last year.

The mid-engined, two-seat barchetta concept car is underpinned by Ferrari 458 Spider mechanicals, overlaid with a new carbonfibre body that incorporates a mix of classic Pininfarina design cues and futuristic touches.

The most striking feature is the lack of a windscreen. Instead the Sergio cleverly deflects the airflow over the car’s bonnet to create a ‘virtual windscreen’ that channels air over the heads of the passengers and protects them from turbulence.

A wing inserted in the front bumper compensates for the aerodynamic load on the front axle that is lost by the elimination of the windscreen.

Access to the car is via half-doors that rotate upwards through 45-degrees. The lack of a windscreen makes it necessary for the Sergio’s occupants to wear crash helmets, which are stowed in a compartment near the doors.

The rearview mirror has an aerodynamic shape that also helps to divert air from the heads of the passengers, while the rollbar behind the seats is designed as a wing and also has a downforce effect.

The Sergio is fitted with 21-inch alloy one-stud wheels, LED tail-lights and headlamps incorporated into the bumpers. The interior is similar to that found in the 458 Spider, but has a new dashboard top and modified seats. The engine cover, which features the round holes seen on other Pininfarina concepts, wraps around the rear part of the seats.

The Sergio’s bodyshell is stiffer than that of the 458 Spider, and contributes to an overall weight reduction of 150kg, putting the Pininfarina concept at about 1280kg. This allows good handling and a further improvement of acceleration, estimated at below 3.4sec for the 0-62mph sprint.

The barchetta’s minimalist carbonfibre body contributes to a kerb weight of 1280kg. Pininfarina has conceived the Sergio as a car that could reach limited-series production.


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Romario 5 March 2013

that's how Ferrari should look like

great concept!! in my opinion it's better Ferrari than "laferrari"

Cyborg 5 March 2013


A very interesting and unique design - reminds me of the magnificant concept cars the classic Italian design houses used to came out with back in the day.

gussy51 5 March 2013

I prefer this to LaFerrari!

The LaFerrari is trying to make a case for itself as a relevant car through its engineering, but it just isn't relevant. However this is much more exciting which is surely what a concept or limited run production models should be all about?

I hope a few of the design cues on this reappear on the £20K Alfa Spider in 2015!