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A front-engined, four-wheel drive Lamborghini GT is set to be revealed at the Geneva motor show

Lamborghini looks set to steal the Geneva motor show headlines with a front-engined V12 GT that’s designed to rival the Ferrari F12.

Company chairman Stephan Winkelmann has told Autocar that Lamborghini will reveal “something truly extraordinary that’s based on the V12" at the Geneva motor show next month. The concept will form part of the company’s ongoing 50th anniversary celebrations.

According to Winkelmann, the car will have two doors, two seats and a V12 engine — but its underpinnings will not be based on those of the Aventador. This means that it will be a front/mid-engined car, just like the Ferrari F12, but featuring Lamborghini’s staple of four-wheel drive and forged carbon construction.

Autocar understands that the new Lambo will be a concept for future consideration, not a model that is confirmed for production.

Winkelmann has admitted that his main focus right now is persuading the board of the Volkswagen Group, which owns Lamborghini, to green-light the Urus SUV. “Everyone at Lamborghini wants this car to happen,” he told Autocar. “But now the decision is largely out of our hands.

“We would need to sell between 3000 and 4000 examples a year for the Urus to justify its financial investment, and I’m confident that we could do that. It’s a decision they [the VW board] will, I hope, make very soon.”

If given the go-ahead by VW, the Urus will sell for “approximately the same amount as a Gallardo” so expect £140k-£160k.

Although Winkelmann told Autocar that naturally aspirated engines remain key to Lamborghini when it comes to sports and supersports cars (like the Aventador and next-generation Gallardo, due in 2014), the situation would be different with an SUV. “In a car like that, a hybrid turbo would make more sense,” he said. 

It remains to be seen if the Volkswagen Group will allow Lamborghini to bolster its 50th anniversary celebrations at Geneva by announcing that a new third model will indeed be added to the range.

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275not599 14 February 2013

A great feature of the Islero

A great feature of the Islero was its seeoutableness, just like a big Fulvia Coupe.  It would be nice if this car offered the same.  Wonder if it will have as much power as the latest Merc hot hatch...larf.

cardillac 13 February 2013

Fighting Bullshit

Avanthedoor instead of Aventador ...

Driving 13 February 2013


I would love to see lamborghini do an FF rather than the Urus

manicm 13 February 2013

Driving wrote:I would love

Driving wrote:

I would love to see lamborghini do an FF rather than the Urus

Ferrari have done it before anyone else, so where would Lambo find buyers for a me-too copycat? The Urus WOULD be their FF - it would be a perfect, cheaper alternative to a FF, with even greater practicality.

But again, will they won't they? It seems to me VW are strangling Lambo - look at the farce of a gearbox in the otherwise great Aventador. Lambo can keep fooling themselves that buyers wanted such a gearbox and that it's lighter bla bla bla - the truth is the F12 is, in the great scheme of things, practically no heavier than the top bull, despite its lack of carbonfibre, and still has a proper boot to shame some Golfs!