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M3 rival on sale October from £57,480, with 444bhp V8

Audi's RS5, which has been revealed at today's Geneva motor show, will cost from £57,480 in the UK when sales start in October.

The new coupe gets a reworked version 4.2 V8 engine from the R8, but with an extra 30bhp to take full power to 444bhp. It revs higher, too, and you’ll need to reach the 8250rpm redline to get the full power delivery, while the 318lb ft of torque comes at 4000rpm.

See the new Audi RS5

That gives the RS5 a 0-62mph time of 4.6sec and the standard limited top speed of 155mph. But Audi will raise the limit to 174mph as a special order.

The transmission is a seven-speed DSG unit, driving all four wheels. There’s a new kind of centre differential that Audi claims can direct up to 85 per cent of the torque to the rear axle or 70 per cent to the front. In normal road conditions the power split is 40:60 front to rear, and you can turn the ESP system off completely.

The whole car rides 20mm lower than a standard A5, and comes on 19-inch wheels as standard, with 20-inch rims as an option. Carbon-ceramic brakes are also optional.

As with all RS models, the RS5 gets a newly designed front splitter with bigger air intakes, and at the back there are two tailpipes on wither side of the car. There’s also a retractable spoiler built into the tailgate which rises up at over 75mph.

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Akytdi 2 March 2010

Re: Audi RS5 'revealed'

I see you point realistically speaking on British roads hot hatches are a wiser choice really, all these power crazed German machines have a bigger appeal in places like the U.A.E, the U.S etc, over here with the usual speed cameras, pot holes etc one could not really enjoy the full potential of these machines

drivenfromthere... 2 March 2010

Re: Audi RS5 'revealed'

12th wrote:
Keep regurgitating those prejudices

OK Mr Audi owner, course I havent owned myself. What's your tipple?

drivenfromthere... 2 March 2010

Re: Audi RS5 'revealed'

Akytdi wrote:
lol you've got a friend who told you that hes driven a Veyron and now we should all wait upon his holy judgment about thy RS5 lol get a grip man, This will be a great car because its a v8 coupe simple. They made the RS4 fantastic their no reason to think otherwise with this model, yes yes I know the RS6 was a brute but if i had one I would not be complaining.

Have driven many a fast Audi (S4 S6 etc not had chance for the R's - but the RS6 is no FUN machine. Sorry but thats the case, unless you gain all your excitement from your right foot.). Was not impressed - engine sounds nice, interior OK but there was little feedback, tons of grip but no involvement - ooh a cliche I know but hey no smoke without fire eh?

Oh, by the way the friend that told me he's driven the Veyron actually helped develop it as well as many other cars and is developing something very special as I type which no doubt you will be using in about 10 years time.

Now can we stop the playground stuff and move on?

Too much power 4WD traction loads of grip and you have be doing stupid speeds to bring a smile to your face.

Thinish tyres modest power low weight - 205GTI in my top 10 thanks not this hulk with it's Bling crud.

RS4 was good as I said. The replacement? Hmmm.. and it looks like this is going the same way.

Great car because it's a v8 coupe simple? Remember the 8 series BM?