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South Korean brand has developed its fourth-generation of fuel-cell technology; it’ll end up in a production model next year

The Hyundai FE Fuel Cell Concept has been revealed in Geneva with promise it’ll influence a production model due for release next year.

The FE, or Future Eco, concept uses new fourth-generation fuel-cell technology, which Hyundai claims is 20% lighter and 10% more efficient than the system in the ix35 Fuel Cell.

The power density is also 30% higher than the ix35’s, helping to give the concept a 497-mile range.

Fe fuel cell concept 2

The SUV’s design is inspired by nature and water – with the latter being the car’s only emission. It has a smooth body that’s been crafted for aerodynamic efficiency and features a slim upper section.

Door handles are located in the middle of the car, suggesting the rear doors open in a suicide fashion to improve access to the back.

Inside, there’s a widescreen display that stretches from behind the steering wheel to the dashboard’s centre, showing powertrain and journey information. There’s also a screen on the car’s centre console, with a touchpad behind for control.

Fe fuel cell concept interior 4

A removable battery is provided with the car to charge external devices, and an electric scooter is stored in the boot, showing that the car is targeting those with active lifestyles.

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Vice chairman of Hyundai Woong Chul Yang said “Hyundai Motor has a heritage of building innovative, fuel-efficient vehicles that advance the automotive industry’s environmental progress. Our FE Fuel Cell Concept is an important evolution of our pioneering hydrogen leadership, and moves us closer to our vision for a ‘Hydrogen Society’, where transportation is clean, efficient and enhances the lives of our customers.”

Hyundai said its FE Fuel Cell Concept emphasises its intentions to produce 14 more low-emission vehicles between now and 2020. This point was furthered by the launch of the plug-in Ioniq at Geneva, which joins hybrid and electric variants.

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JoanFinn 19 June 2019

Release of the auto car is

Release of the auto car is done for the manufacturing of the items for the people. The  improvement of the class and Edu Birdie is termed for the humans. The nature is deposed for the classic use of the foes for the humans in this ambit.

DBtechnician 7 March 2017

Win or loose,,,,

At least Hyundai are putting their money into their idea's and developing alternative technology, unlike some who just bitch about what others are doing !
xxxx 7 March 2017

yea yea yea

Moped in boot ready to use car battery. It's over Hydrogen boys so stop the stupid lala land talk. As to 10% improvement in economy, well the ix35 only did the equivanlent of 25mpg at pedestrian speeds so 27.5mpg is hardly an advancement.