Retro-styled Black Cuillin coupé has been revealed at the Geneva motor show

The Eadon Green Black Cuillin is a 6.0-litre V12 sports car that's been revealed at the Geneva motor show.

Eadon Green is a new British start-up that is producing the model with a mix of classic looks and modern features. It mixes a vintage design features contrasted by modern cabin features, and has been inspired by the design of the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 from the 1930s.

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The car uses a twelve-cylinder engine that has a 7000rpm redline and top speed approaching 170mph - as shown by the images - although no performance figures have been released as of yet.

The Black Cuillan is named after a mountain range on the Isle of Skye, off the Scottish coast. The company's logo comprises a coat of arms with the word ‘integrity’ underneath, surrounded by a grey ring containing the company’s name and race flags, suggesting that performance will be a focus.

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19 January 2017
Whatever happened to the Morgan EV?

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion


19 January 2017
Retro theme, no herritage, startup based in Shoreditch. It's obviously got integrity running through it. I bet it was a toss up between "integrity" and "artisan". Morgan must be quaking in the hand toed boots.

20 January 2017
Surely it's a hoax? A marketing stunt of some sort. It really can't be serious.

19 January 2017
There is a future for niche automotive product but if the reportedly reasonably well sorted Zenos has gone into administration, what is the chance of success for a business based more on image than substance?

22 January 2017
I sense Chinese-backed investment and influence in this newly-launched car company. Don't ask me why...

de_design2  l  Exclusively Bespoke®

28 February 2017
Their website is just a silhouette of the car with a countdown timer. No information about who they are, where they're based etc. I suspect a massive flop is about to be born.

28 February 2017
A rebodied Merc 2seater?

28 February 2017
With a stupid name?

1 March 2017
Is this one of Nathan Barley's new ventures?!

7 March 2017
Biggest pile of rubbish I've, since Panther showed the DeVille in the mid seventies,will probably remain a one off


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