Currently reading: 180 of 500 £1.9m Bugatti Chirons already ordered
The 2016 Bugatti Chiron has already attracted 180 deposits for orders, with one customer ordering six cars

Bugatti Chiron customers have placed 180 deposits of €200,000 or $250,000 - prior to being given the spec of the car or driving it in any form.

In total, 500 Chirons will be built if there is enough demand, at a rate of around one a week. As such, the car should be on sale in various forms until 2024.

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"Interest has been exceptional," said Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer. "We have set out a clear policy of communicating with existing customers first, and the reaction has been amazing - one-third of the allocation has a deposit on before we have even told them the remarkable performance figures or even let them behind the wheel.

"The biggest order so far is for six cars, but we expect some busy days after the reveal. We will see what the demand is - but it is a problem if we sell out too quickly - the quality of this car demands each one takes a week to be built. Our peak output will be 65 cars a year. Patience is required."

The first customer will receive a Chiron, priced at €2.4 million (£1.9m), this autumn. Durheimer revealed existing Bugatti customers will get first refusal on the car, as a reward for loyalty to the brand and because their ownership indicates they won't sell the car on to make money. "We fully expect to earn new customers, however," said Durheimer. "We have raised production over the Veyron by just over 10%, from 450 to 500 cars, and, of course, Bugatti is earning new fans all the time."


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pauld101 1 March 2016

Ha ha ha...

Now we know where all the redundant Bentley Bentaudi stylists went...
winniethewoo 1 March 2016

Shouldnt that be 65 cars a

Shouldnt that be 65 cars a year? At 65 cars a week they can finish the entire 500 car production run in two or three months.
gigglebug 1 March 2016

Our peak output will be 65 cars a week.

That'll be a busy week then!