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New upgrades enhance the appeal of the Jaguar XJ luxury saloon

The Jaguar XJ has been updated for the 2014 model year, benefitting primarily from equipment upgrades. The revised car will premiere at the Frankfurt motor show.

Jaguar's Intelligent Start-Stop system is now included across the range, with the manufacturer claiming that the time taken to restart the engine is less than the time taken for the driver's foot to move from the brake to the accelerator. The car has a secondary battery fitted purely to power the start-stop system.

Inside, long-wheelbase versions of the new XJ get airline-style reclining rear seats with a massage function, plus increased headroom and a new infotainment system. The rear suspension of the LWB XJ has also been upgraded to improve rear ride comfort.

A unique addition to the Jaguar, which is part of the upgraded audio system, is the 'Conversation Assist' feature. It uses microphones above each occupant and uses processing technology to 'reinforce' the occupant's voice through the car's speakers, making it easier for occupants to hear each other. 

The luxury saloon will continue to be offered with a range of petrol and diesel 3.0-litre V6 engines, as well as two 5.0-litre supercharged V8 petrol engines.

With 542bhp the XJR is the top variant in the new range. Already driven by Autocar, the XJR features a bespoke chassis with new aerodynamic options. The upgrades allow the XJR to acheive 0-60mph in 4.4sec and a limited top speed of 174mph.

An eight-speed automatic transmission will be the standard fit throughout the line-up, with Jaguar re-working gear ratios to offer what it says is a "perfectly balanced combination of smooth-shifting, economy and driver control."

Rivals for Jaguar's updated XJ include the Mercedes S-classMaserati QuattroporteAudi A8 and the BMW 7-series.

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Citytiger 21 August 2013

So the odd Jaguar catches

So the odd Jaguar catches fire, Ferrari's have been doing it for years, I think the last problem was related to glue in the engine bay. 

RPrior 21 August 2013

Jaguar's new models

All cars may have fires from time to time, especially following accidents.

2 incidents that bear a similarity - a mechanical noise in each case, driver pulls in to kerb and car bursts into flames.

Jaguar need to do some serious investigation into the 2 incidents.

1. Dick Van Dyke's XJ

It does not look like the front tyre started the conflagration - more like a leak of inflammable fluid - see Video frame @ 44 secs.  Nearside front tyre seems inflated.

2. F Type meltdown in Brussels (Aug 5 report)

It seems that the fire took hold more quickly than with the XJ, and left little more than a puddle of melted aluminium.

Not difficult for the insurance assessor to declare "write off" in both cases.  A relief for the owners - but will they buy another Jaguar?

289 21 August 2013




...looking through some old threads, did you see the message from FARR who still has your old Ace?

He left a tel no. for you to contact him. see below


"You sold it to me in September 1970. I still have it. If you want to talk about it or see it give me a ring on 01276 65823".

Regards 289

Suzuki QT 21 August 2013

Hmmm ...

I love the idea of the "Conversation Assist" feature ... So no more "I say, Jeeves, can you step on the old gas pedal, don'tcha know?" ... "Sorry, squire, didn't 'ear ya over the Kylie CD!" ...