Currently reading: Volvo plans to grow Cross Country brand
As Volvo gets ready to launch the S60 Cross Country, it says it wants to exploit its sub-brand more aggressively in future
Jim Holder
2 mins read
21 January 2015

Volvo will build more Cross Country models in future and exploit the brand more aggressively, according to the firm’s vice-president of product strategy, Lex Kerssemakers.

Speaking at the Detroit motor show, where the Volvo S60 Cross Country was revealed, Kerssemakers admitted he had been surprised by the interest in the high-riding saloon.

“If you had asked me 18 months ago if we would have been doing this I would have said it wouldn’t be our first priority,” he explained. “But we are starting to see sales growth of Cross Country models, and we are starting to really believe in the potential of the brand. We want to reinject some energy into it as we see it as a concept that can really grow in the future.

“The XC models are clearly for people who want an SUV; Cross Country models offer some of the benefits and looks, without the same capability or price. So long as Cross Country models have some capability - all-wheel drive, hill descent control - then they are giving customers what they want, and that is enough for them to be considered authentic.”

Kerssemakers added that when the Volvo S60 Cross Country goes into production early this year, it will have taken eight months from work beginning on it to completion. “It’s an incredibly short time to create a car in this business, but that agility and speed of reaction is a clear benefit of being a smaller, independent company,” he said.

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21 January 2015
"taken eight months from work beginning on it to completion..." long time to put bigger wheels on and jack up the suspension

21 January 2015
@xxxx - And add 4 wheel drive to a FWD chassis? Not a bad accomplishment.

(And I don't see where they mentioned Hydrogen?)

21 January 2015
sirwiggum wrote:

@xxxx - And add 4 wheel drive to a FWD chassis? Not a bad accomplishment.

Perhaps I'm missing something very obvious but Autocar tested an AWD version on 25th Aug 2010. The S60 has always had 4wd capability. I'm with xxxx on this one. And I'm really confused why anyone would want a jacked up S60... ? A V-car yes but S60? Who else does a beefed up off-road rep-mobile saloon?

21 January 2015
Fair point, but I would have thought that sort of effort would be better spent on developing the next version of the car rather than a 5 year old model.

21 January 2015
I don't think it's inconceivable that they're doing both.

21 January 2015
If only that were that simple to "put bigger wheels on and jack up the suspension", due to the car being higher, it will have to be re-engineered for safety and pedestrian protection, as the standard cars wont suffice due to it being significantly higher up.

Yes eight months is a short time, and they still have more to get the last things ironed out, but just doing what you suggested, these days, is not the case, a lot more work has to go into the car to make sure it now covers all countries legislation and laws, and thats not easy.

21 January 2015
Now let's see Audi 'Allroad' the A7, which would make a lot more sense than the BMW X6 or Mercedes GLE Coupe'.

19 March 2015
By now Volvo should be doing 3 door versions of the V40 PLUS the XC40. Instead showing off concepts of a compact executive jacked up isn't going to bring in the punters.

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