Volkswagen's grown-up Golf-based convertible has been culled from the model range

The Volkswagen Eos coupé-cabriolet is no longer on sale in the UK.

VW said it is due to a "rationalisation of the range", with convertible versions of the Beetle and Golf already available.

A total of 20,400 models have been sold since the Eos's launch in 2006, with just 348 being sold in 2014. In the same year 2241 Golf cabriolets were sold, along with 1276 Beetle drop-tops.

Sales figures for the Eos have been in decline since the Golf cabriolet's launch in 2011.

VW first hinted that the Eos could be culled when speaking to Autocar at the Detroit motor show earlier this year.

The Eos was launched in 2006, a time when convertibles with retractable hard-top roofs were popular. However the market has since shifted back towards soft-tops for a combination of style and weight issues, and the Eos was one of few hard-top coupé-cabriolets left on sale.

At the Detroit show VW North America chief Michael Horn revealed that the market for convertibles was diminishing.

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Volkswagen Eos

The Volkswagen Eos has much cachet and is pleasant and predictable to drive, but is feeling a little bit long-in-the-tooth

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13 January 2015
When, as is inevitable, it is decided that the Scirocco should be axed, I hope it is by way of linking it to a next model Beetle. A 3-door small coupe that refers back not just to the Scirocco but to the original Porsche 356 design, would combine both existing models' designs to form an ultra modern VW-Porsche small 3-door, 4 seater coupe. I believe that there is great design potential for an affordable modern Beetle/Scirocco/911 coupe, no doubt something of a full 4 seater Audi TT.

13 January 2015
Hard top convertibles never hit the spot with me. The rag top has more to say about carefree motoring and pure enjoyment. Tin tops reek of trying to have it all. Porsche (and Vauxhall in the past with the Tigra - never thought I'd link those two brands) get it by covering their tin-top in rag.

13 January 2015
The car world won't be any the worse without another anodyne and rather expensive Volkswagen.

15 June 2015
One of my work colleagues bought a folding hard-top car of similar concept to the Eos, and even they described it as their mid life crisis car! It is a pity these designs have the windscreen header rail coming so far back, sweeping almost over the head, surely this dilutes the open car feel somewhat? Ok for those in the back, I suppose, but I hardly ever seen them driven with more than front seats occupied.

15 June 2015
I'm in mourning!

15 June 2015
The fashion for these four-seater hard top convertibles is now well and truly over, with the demise of the Focus, 308, Megane and, now, the Eos. They were all pretty compromised, requiring huge rumps to accommodate the roof and, as Adrian987 pointed out, a huge windscreen with the header rail pushed far back to reduce the length of the roof. The mechanisms were heavy and the roofs not always watertight: the Focus CC was pretty troublesome in this regards. Actually, the Eos was probably the best looking of the bunch, IMHO, looking rather less fat a**ed than the others. It now looks like a good call by GME not to follow this fashion with the Cascada. Incidentally, does anyone know how the latter is selling? I've only ever seen one, and that was at my local Vauxhall dealership.

15 June 2015
Around 11,700 across Europe since launch in 2012 , apparently. This is roughly similar to the Eos over the past three years, although the latter was a much stronger seller earlier in its life: it sold nearly 35,000 in its best year, 2007.

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