Currently reading: Mercedes-Benz Shooting Brakes winning young buyers
Mercedes' range of lifestyle estates, which is soon to be joined by the new CLA Shooting Brake, is drawing in younger buyers for the brand

The growing range of Mercedes-Benz Shooting Brake models is drawing in more new, younger customers to the brand than expected, according to the firm's head of design Gorden Wagener.

Speaking at the launch of the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake in Detroit, Wagoner said: “These are designer’s cars - so much more expressive than an estate but with the same levels of practicality.

“What we’re seeing is that they are drawing people in to the showrooms. The emotional appeal is high - and by getting buyers through the doors we are able to sell them cars from across our range.

“For our Shooting Brake, in some regions up to 80 per cent of buyers own other brands at the moment, and the age of buyers is almost 20 years below the average. The cars are playing a key role in moving us from a traditional luxury brand to a modern one.”

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5wheels 22 January 2015


Why Brake and not Break?

Meanwhile I imagine this wont get posted either - something weird happening on this web site

scotty5 21 January 2015

Be careful what you wish for.

head of design wrote:

"...and the age of buyers is almost 20 years below the average."

Be careful what you wish for. This buyer would have been 20 years below average when I bought my Merc and as I found to my cost, depreciation and day-to-day running costs put me off Merc for life. If you take them like-4-like, I ran two BMW's - a 318 + a 325 and both cars COMBINED cost me less than that one C-Class over a 3 year period. Never again.

AHA1 21 January 2015

Saw one on the road in

Saw one on the road in Battersea a fortnight ago. Well ahead of the UK release so assume it was a journo testing? Have to say it looked gorgeous - a million miles better than the blingtastic Mercs in the current line up.