Images show McLaren P1's high-tech underbody aerodynamics for the first time
23 January 2013

Potential buyers of the forthcoming McLaren P1 have been given a preview of the car at a private event in Los Angeles, where these pictures were taken as the car was hoisted into the hotel location.

The images reveal some of the P1’s complex underbody aerodynamics with what looks like a flat underside made entirely from carbonfibre, and two enormous twin diffuser outlets at the rear. A double diffuser also has a pair of inlets under the car to control airflow more efficiently.

The P1’s active aero kit is rumoured to include active flaps in the front of the car, ahead of the front wheels. These will open and close to influence airflow under the car depending on its speed.

Much of the car’s exterior is designed to maximise airflow through the vehicle to improve cooling, hence the enormous intakes behind the doors. It is also likely to feature air pumps to push air over areas of the car, and adjustable ride height for track use to improve downforce.

The event, held a few blocks away at the McLaren Beverly Hills, previewed the car ahead of its public reveal the production P1 at the Geneva motor show in March. The finished vehicle is expected to look identical to this “design study” but the interior, hidden by the blacked-out windows, will be visible.

Update: McLaren has released official images of the production P1 in development. Fully camouflaged, the undisguised production model will not be revealed until its Geneva debut.

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Our Verdict

McLaren P1

With hybrid hypercars from Porsche and Ferrari on the horizon, the stakes couldn't be higher - so has the P1 risen to the challenge?

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24 January 2013

I still find this car to be rather hideous from most viewing angles.  Nevertheless I can't wait to see the performance figures...probably going to be jaw dropping.  I also anticipate the lowest ever drag coefficient for a road car.  Which means that this thing will probably be capable of a much higher top speed than the horsepower would suggest, perhaps 250+ MPH with less than 900 HP?

11 April 2013

Mr. Dirk rocks!

24 January 2013

I doubt it'll have a super low drag coefficient, surely all those intakes and scoops will put paid to that. Those are aerodynamics with downforce and stability uppermost, then cooling, then slipperiness.

24 January 2013

Nothing exactly new, a private showing for prospective buyers,besides, it's hardly ground breaking tech is it?,and, it isn't thee best looking is it?.

Peter Cavellini.

24 January 2013

The guys are not in matching uniforms and the carrying frame is rusty and not made out of carbon, and maybe the rear diffuser should have been covered from the cameras......I think standards are slipping at McLaren......

24 January 2013

Wait for the racing version.


25 January 2013

I think it's looks stunning and I think its looks particularly good when they are dropping/raising it off the jack in the pictures. Can't wait to see what it can do.

15 February 2013

it is the best car for me. Paris trains

16 February 2013

The P1’s active aero kit is rumoured to include active flaps in the front of the car, ahead of the front wheels some great speeches

11 March 2013

Once again McLaren rose up to their customers expectations, even the competition should be worried now. For the brand lovers this is an important event that they had been waiting for a long time. I wonder if there would be any problem to diagnose modern cars, once they get on the market.


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