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The minimalist look of the McLaren P1's interior has been revealed for the first time

This is the stripped-out, carbon-fibre, interior of the new McLaren P1 hypercar. The company says that the ‘shrink-wrapped’ design theme of the P1’s exterior extends to the interior, with a ‘minimalist’ design that is meant to feel like the ‘cockpit of a fighter jet’.

Much of the interior is made from carbon-fibre (which lacks the usual top layer of resin, saving 1.5kg) and McLaren says the ‘cockpit’ sensation will be delivered by the extensive glazing, which extends from the ‘glass canopy’ overhead, to a windscreen which is ‘deeper than it is wide’.

Although McLaren says the designers have kept the switchgear to a minimum, the P1 has full climate control, sat-nav and a bespoke Meridian sound system. 

The P1 also gets a simple digital instrument pack. Sound deadening is absent from the P1’s cabin, and special lightweight carpet will be an option.

The seats are built around ‘ultra-thin’ carbon shells with the ‘minimum of foam’ padding and weigh just 10.5kg. The seat backs are fixed at 28 degrees from the vertical but ‘can be set to 32 degrees to give the track driver more helmet room’. 

Seat height will be custom set by McLaren for the individual driver.

Autocar has produced digital books on the McLaren P1 hypercar as well as the F1 and 12C supercars.

Download the McLaren F1 digital edition.

Download the McLaren P1 digital edition.

Download the McLaren 12C digital edition.


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Granturismo 13 February 2013

Cant wait to see how fast

Cant wait to see how fast this car is on a track (not that I'll ever be driving one). People might not like the looks or interior but I think it might end up being pretty special to drive.

Tom Chet 13 February 2013

Instruments from a Honda S2000

Rev counter and speedo remind me of my old Honda.

Leslie Brook 12 February 2013


I quite like the minimalist interior, I think a Pagani would become visually wearing afer a while. I really don't like the instrumentation though. Reminds me of those handheld games consoles you see kids with (PSP?)

I think I'd far prefer a couple of nice plain dials, white on black. In fact if they won't fit them for me I'm not buying.

Matthew Langton 13 February 2013

This is a very nice

This is a very nice interior......race car like......that's what you want. Not the over the top nature of a Pagani. It's all personal's like woman.