The minimalist look of the McLaren P1's interior has been revealed for the first time
12 February 2013

This is the stripped-out, carbon-fibre, interior of the new McLaren P1 hypercar. The company says that the ‘shrink-wrapped’ design theme of the P1’s exterior extends to the interior, with a ‘minimalist’ design that is meant to feel like the ‘cockpit of a fighter jet’.

Much of the interior is made from carbon-fibre (which lacks the usual top layer of resin, saving 1.5kg) and McLaren says the ‘cockpit’ sensation will be delivered by the extensive glazing, which extends from the ‘glass canopy’ overhead, to a windscreen which is ‘deeper than it is wide’.

Although McLaren says the designers have kept the switchgear to a minimum, the P1 has full climate control, sat-nav and a bespoke Meridian sound system. 

The P1 also gets a simple digital instrument pack. Sound deadening is absent from the P1’s cabin, and special lightweight carpet will be an option.

The seats are built around ‘ultra-thin’ carbon shells with the ‘minimum of foam’ padding and weigh just 10.5kg. The seat backs are fixed at 28 degrees from the vertical but ‘can be set to 32 degrees to give the track driver more helmet room’. 

Seat height will be custom set by McLaren for the individual driver.

Autocar has produced digital books on the McLaren P1 hypercar as well as the F1 and 12C supercars.

Download the McLaren F1 digital edition.

Download the McLaren P1 digital edition.

Download the McLaren 12C digital edition.

Our Verdict

McLaren P1

With hybrid hypercars from Porsche and Ferrari on the horizon, the stakes couldn't be higher - so has the P1 risen to the challenge?

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12 February 2013

Am I the only one who's getting a bit bored with these carefully managed news snippets of the Mclaren P1?  

There isn't anything here that's any great surprise and to me, it's almost as if the company lacks confidence, feeling the need to see column inches about the car every week in the press. 

And I'm not that impressed that the seats weigh just 10kg. I once owned a Bond Bug where the seats were actually part of the car's glass fibre shell - and so weighed practically nothing apart from the weight of the foam and plastic trim, but that's another story..

12 February 2013

.....or does this car seem to be the least exciting of the upcoming ferrari/porsche/mclaren hypercars?

And why does it have a cheap transfer of the chevrolet logo on the up shift paddle?

12 February 2013

More Hyundai than hyuara


12 February 2013

At least the Pagani looks extraordinary inside as well as out. This is, how could i put it, does not.

12 February 2013

It's about how it goes, and how it looks on the outside, isn't it?, and that's where it fails big time.

Peter Cavellini.

12 February 2013

The floppy bits of suede/leather/alcantara/whatever over the dash and instrument panel look really bad.



12 February 2013

Not exactly easy to get in and out of with those very high carbon sills and low slung ride.  Reminds me of the latest Exige where you have to be a contortionist to get in and out of.  Imagine if you were a guy in his 50's aor 60's with a bad back and a young 20 something wife with high heels pulling up to a hotel and having the valet opening your door....that would be fun to watch! 

12 February 2013

...and recelntly found myself getting into and out of an Aventador. The task was performed with surprising ease, only a little more difficult than in a Citroen C5 (something that I really appreciated as a crowd had gathered round the car and I would have looked like a right sort had my excessive girth made me huff and puff my way to the pavement).

I think I'll pass on even trying to get into this as the way in seems to be completely blocked my a large slab of carbon fibre. 

I'm sure that prospective owners will be delighted that their new car is 1.37 sec faster round the 'Ring as they clamber around on all fours every time they try to get out of it...

Apart from that, it's a bit meh...

12 February 2013

Great to see they have obviously found a stockpile of Mark 1 Cortina "Airoflow" rotary heater outlets. An early 60s design classic never equalled and now re-vived......... Mind you I think the whole Cortina cost about the same as McLaren would charge you to replace one of these beauties.


12 February 2013

but might just be easier to get in and out of than the F1.


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