Tata's home maket has no place for JLR
3 April 2008

The reaction to Tata Motors finally clinching Jaguar/Land Rover was euphoric. News of the acquisition made the front page of every Indian newspaper and every TV news bulletin.Corporate India and the Indian government praised the move, but the stock market reacted badly due to concerns over the financial burden that the deal will place on Tata.For the punter there’s no difference. Jaguar has no presence in India and Land Rover sells in tiny numbers through one importer. There’s simply no market for these marques in India yet, even with local ownership.

Hormazd Sorbajee, Autocar India

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3 April 2008

There are some moments in life where you take pride in being something. Different people have their different pride moments as they are affected by different things in their personal life. Similarly my heart swells with pride when I see India or Indians making their presence felt all around the world as they did in ancient times. In ancient times people from every civilization on earth wanted to come to India to see her wisdom and wealth by their own eyes. As such wonderful stories by travelers who visited India were really hard to believe to majority of the population of other countries. From Pythagoras to Socrates from Fah-E-Yang to Al-Biruni from Christ to Umar Khayyam from Buddha to Guru Nanak India inspired every aspect of the life in ancient world. Proudly having the seat of the world’s Guru. You just have to go through the writings of all these people to understand how India has influenced their work. I am boastful for ancient India’s achievement and its justified since Indians gave a lot to this world in every aspect of its life.

Everything good started to change as invaders from all around the world lured by India’s famed wealth set their eyes on her. It started with Alexander and ended with British. Alexander had a very little success in India and his soldiers after hearing frightening details about Magadh’s (Ancient Bihar) army didn’t wanted to proceed further. Every small province of India except TakshShila (Taxila) gave Alexander and his soldier a very tough fight. It was the major cause for Alexander not to proceed further in India. His dream of conquering the whole world became a shattered in India. While returning back from India he murdered and looted different small Indian cities but got severely wounded by Malavs in India. Please go thorough this link to understand what I am saying http://yangtze.cs.uiuc.edu/~jamali/sindh/story/node7.html.

Well Alexander was not the only general whose dreams got shattered by bravery of the Indians. Islamic invaders who conquered mighty Persia and larger part of the Europe with in matter of years had to fight for approximately 500 years to gain control of Delhi. First Islamic attack was on Sindh by Muhammad Bin Kasim in 710 CE and control on Delhi was finally established in 1193 CE by Kutubuddin Aibak after murder of Muhammad Ghori. The muslim control on India was never complete as much of the southern India never came in control of any muslim king. Muslims became part and parcel of India in later years. Islam lost its militant and jehadi touch as it came in contact with Vedanta. That’s why islam wasn’t able to penetrate majority of China and other south east Asia. It was cooled down by superior philosophy of Vedanta. Mugals are as much Indian as any other Indian king. Except Aurangzeb all the mugal rulers weren’t that much fanatics. Whatever Mugals earned in India they kept it here, as it was their land. Off course they also destroyed temples and built mosques over them but that was medieval time and so I am ok with that. Some of the finest architectures in India were constructed by Mugals. Looting of India was first started by Nadir Shah of Iran. After him came the British and these British are actually responsible for all the poverty you see in India today.

Since it was not their land they looted money from here and sent it back to London. They destroyed all indigenous businesses. British used India as just raw material producing destination for their industrial revolution. They dumped their goods here. They forced Indians to buy the British goods. India became depended on British for everything. It was actually like the clouds were being created on the banks of Indus and Ganga and they were giving rains on the banks of river Thames in London. Moreover they tried to destroy Indian culture. They created biased literature and made Indians feel inferior on their heritage. It was moral and cultural destruction of India for which I blame the British.

It’s a well known fact that till 18th century CE India’s contribution in world’s GDP was more or less same as of USA today. Till the finding of the diamonds in Africa, India was the only source of diamonds in the world. I have many reasons to believe that 200 years under British were the darkest in Indian history. India saw the famines and was unable to feed her

4 April 2008

Its simple start making the Defender from kits in India and other developing countries.

4 April 2008

IndianYogi- please go and rant on some other site!.

This is a car forum, Not an 'India will conquer all' forum. India has a huge amount of obstacles before it can truely be a developed nation. There is a great inequality of wealth, health and education.

It's also a two way process- India may be buying more foreign companies but on the flip side never have so many Indians been employed by foreign companies and never has so many Indian companies had to rely on foreign clients for business.

With regards to the takeover, I am still far from convinced that Tata will be good for Jag and LR, if Ford couldn't. I don't really see how Tata can without removing the essence of what Jag and LR are. Sooner or later I fear various aspects of production will have to move to India. I see in the longer term there being many benefits to Tata with regards to Jag/LR but few in return.

I also don't view it as being anything momentus- Jag/LR haven't been British companies for a while. They are also two struggling brands, one with product issues the other trying to see a future in the new low emissions world we find ourselves in..

4 April 2008

Maj1c .. Did you read what the headline of the main news article said?? The heading was what does India think.. and as an Indian I expressed my views..I really dont understand whats giving you that much pain.. Just read what I have written carefully and you will realized that all of you residing in so called developed world now were just primitives when indian civilization was at its peak..

All your development has come from exploitation of ours third developed country.. FYI India was a developed nation by 18th century standard.. its british who looted us and pushed us in poverty.. well anyway it will require a hard work and some good eyes from ur side to read what I have written in first place..

Tata will run the business in good way and its evident by Corus and Tetley.. when he bought these companies then also people were saying same thing as you are saying now.. but he has proven everyone wrong.. he will prove all his detractors wrong again .. it was just about a level playing field .. and India and Indians are capitalizing on their strengths now.. take care buddy


5 April 2008

Calm down boys.

I say good luck to Tata and India, every country has its time and India after being in the doldrums for too long now is getting things together, the same goes for China. Everything in life is cyclical. Once the UK was the major power in the world for most things from cotton to bridge building etc. But as costs rise then time comes to look to cheaper alternatives.

It really is as simple as that.

Good luck to them!

6 April 2008

Let's hope Tata make a better job of running British car companies than the British did.

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