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VW has abandoned a plan to sell the new Volkswagen Up in the UK with a sub-£99 per month lease plan

Volkswagen has abandoned a plan to sell the new Volkswagen Up city car in the UK with a super-competitive sub-£99 per month lease plan and will instead opt for a more conventional finance package. "We don’t feel we really need to offer this sort of deal because we are going to be able to sell our relatively small allocation of Ups without it," says VW.

VW UK is expecting to get a supply of around 8000 Ups in 2012 after launch in April and it will sell them without the attractive ‘driveaway’ leasing rates available on the continent.

British buyers had been expected to be offered a similar 95 Euro per month special lease deal — equivalent to £75 per month — to the one that will be offered on continental Europe. Although the UK price was tipped to be closer to £99 per month.

The UK deal was on the verge of being announced late last year, but was pulled at the last minute.

VW marketing boss Luca de Meo announced the Euro lease last November with the intention of making the Up a keen deal for young drivers, many of whom hadn’t been able to previously afford a VW model.

The ‘driveaway’ Euro deal includes roadside assistance and warranty, yet the driver doesn't even require a deposit.


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Vimeous 9 January 2012

Re: VW's £99 Up lease plan scrapped

Shame. At that price I'd consider it.
All comes down to supply and demand though, there simply won't be enough cars available in the first year so why bother?

Walking 9 January 2012

Re: VW's £99 Up lease plan scrapped

I just happened to be talking to a guy yesterday who said his 20 year old granddaughter had just signed a great deal for the new VW car which was £23 per week all in. She just had to put the petrol in and wait a couple of months for the car to arrive. At the time he did mention they had been told the deal was off but this didn't seem to be the case when they went to a dealer. So I don't really know was in the truth now!

sirwiggum 9 January 2012

Re: VW's £99 Up lease plan scrapped

"German brand in arrogant business decision shocker!"

VW know fine rightly that it will sell like hotcakes in the UK due to the badge. They can milk it for all that it is worth, people will buy it in their droves as a cheaper way to get that badge on their driveway.