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VW Group may get rid of its Lamborghini and Bugatti supercar brands

Volkswagen Group could dispose of its high-end supercar brands Bugatti and Lamborghini, according Porsche boss and VW supervisory board member Wendelin Wiedeking.When asked about the fate of the two brands in an interview with an industry newspaper, Wiedeking is quoted as saying ‘no toys anymore’.The move, which was flagged up as a possibility in an Autocar Analysis (3 January 2007), would help VW restructure its sprawling business and concentrate on reviving the VW brand as a true global player.Wiedeking is also reportedly unhappy that Porsche is not the flagship brand in the group and has allegedly commissioned an ultra-high-performance Porsche supercar to break the top speed record set by the Bugatti Veyron.Industry rumours suggest Bugatti could be downgraded to an ultra-exclusive coachbuilding operation once Veyron production is wound up.

Lamborghini, which sold over 2000 cars last year, could be sold off in the same way that Ford is currently disposing of Aston Martin.

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Anonymous 16 February 2009

Re: VW may sell Bugatti, Lambo

And let's not forget how much Wendelin Wiedeking likes to stick the knife into the VW Board !

Diggers 16 February 2009

Re: VW may sell Bugatti, Lambo

ie. Porsche is scared of the competition from Lamborghini(not so much Bugatti). Next they will want to sell off Audi!