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VW source reveals the firm plans to sell 10m cars per year by 2015, three years earlier than planned

Volkswagen’s plan to sell 10 million cars per year by 2018, becoming the world's largest car maker in the process, has been brought forward by three years, a source has revealed.

The source, citing secret company documents, told Manager Magazine that VW is now targeting more than eight million sales by 2012 and 10 million sales by 2015. This will mean that VW will pass Toyota as the world's largest car maker.

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VW's official goal is to increase annual sales to 10 million by 2018 although, when questioned about the report, a VW spokesman told Auto News: “We're keeping to our 2018 target but do not rule out that the goal can be achieved earlier".

To meet growing demand, two factories will be added in its biggest market, China, in a £5.3 billion plan to double production to three million cars in four years. Another factory is planned in Tennessee to supply the US market and VW is also expanding capacity in Russia.

VW hopes for a second consecutive year of record global sales after selling 6.29 million vehicles in 2009.

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dannynic 26 October 2010

Re: VW: '10m sales by 2015'

Although it is true that no VW group car can be considered much worse than its competitiors it is certainly no better either. I totally agree with the Golf/A3 comment. I have a New Volvo V70, basically a Mondeo with better trim and equipment. Wish I saved myself 8k and bought the Mondeo now though. Or a Skoda Superb estate for that matter. I certainly would not pay for a so called executive A4 which has no more space than a Ford focus yet costs more than a fully specced mondeo.

disco.stu 26 October 2010

Re: VW: '10m sales by 2015'

thebaldgit wrote:
It is funny how manufacturers become obsessed with becoming the biggest even to the detrement of quality and profit

I think you'll find that VAG are one of the most profitable manufacturers in the world, spend more on R&D than any other manufacturer in the world, and are in a very strong position financially. Their growth over the last decade has been achieved without sacrificing quality and profit, so why should that change now?

Not that I have any interest in who is the biggest, especially since they are acquiring new brands along the way to grow their volume, which seems like cheating...

thebaldgit 26 October 2010

Re: VW: '10m sales by 2015'

I would be curious to see any attempt by VW to be the world's number 1 car manufacturer as to do this they are going to have to improve their current position of 7th in the US or else become the first manufacturer to get to number 1 without being strong there, which would show the rise of the asian market. It is funny how manufacturers become obsessed with becoming the biggest even to the detrement of quality and profit.