VW source reveals the firm plans to sell 10m cars per year by 2015, three years earlier than planned
25 October 2010

Volkswagen’s plan to sell 10 million cars per year by 2018, becoming the world's largest car maker in the process, has been brought forward by three years, a source has revealed.

The source, citing secret company documents, told Manager Magazine that VW is now targeting more than eight million sales by 2012 and 10 million sales by 2015. This will mean that VW will pass Toyota as the world's largest car maker.

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VW's official goal is to increase annual sales to 10 million by 2018 although, when questioned about the report, a VW spokesman told Auto News: “We're keeping to our 2018 target but do not rule out that the goal can be achieved earlier".

To meet growing demand, two factories will be added in its biggest market, China, in a £5.3 billion plan to double production to three million cars in four years. Another factory is planned in Tennessee to supply the US market and VW is also expanding capacity in Russia.

VW hopes for a second consecutive year of record global sales after selling 6.29 million vehicles in 2009.

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25 October 2010

I can see it now, 10 million cars and zero profits.

Why is sales volume always the goal and not profitability? They don't always go hand in hand as Ford and GM know to their cost.

25 October 2010

[quote LP in Brighton]Why is sales volume always the goal and not profitability? [/quote]I'm sure profitability is uppermost. I'd prefer, "most reliable with the best after-sales service and warranty."

25 October 2010

They certainly need to do something about increasing supply: Some of the delivery times that people are (still) quoting on here are ridiculous.

25 October 2010

Why do we have these constant postings that high volumes is a sure way to reduced profits? Toyota are the largest car maker at present, do they have a history of losses? The people running VAG have a history of making money and growing the business. They are unlikely to be seeking volume for its own sake. Economies of scale and the use of a limited range of platforms and shared engines has seen VAG profits increasing year on year. They remained highly profitable when GM and Chrysler were going bankrupt and Fiat, Ford and many others were and in some cases still are, making losses.

25 October 2010

The race to be number one does not bode well for future quality control.just look at Toyota with more recalls.Toyota admitted the race to grow affected the quality of their products.


25 October 2010

Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles...

25 October 2010

10 million sales now that is something! But for me there isn't a single model throughout the VW range that I would consider buying! Yes from Skoda Fabia to Veyron Supersports... but that's just me. I by no means suggest that VW makes bad cars only totaly undesirable from my perspective. Try any category, any possible niche and I would find something else to buy.

I can't really explain it and I am sure that there are numerous cases that VW products are the ones to have but wanting a VW group car is a concept I just cannot grasp.

25 October 2010

When they say 'VW' they are of course refering to 'VW Group' and the figures out there on the Internet make interesting reading:

Of the 6.2 million vehicles they sold in 2008 (only figures I could find) 3.6 million were VW and 1.2 million were Audi. But of the group's total profit Audi actually made slightly more than VW, despite producing a third of the volume.

That means if they want to increase sales to 10m units they are going to need a decent increase in Audi's sales as well, that means they will need to shift 2m Audis a year.

Soon there will be more Audis on the road than Renaults...

25 October 2010

[quote stuart74]Soon there will be more Audis on the road than Renaults[/quote]

every cloud......

Its not the right thing to do, i just keep thinking of Toyota who were so desperate to throw GM off the top slot they forgot about things like quality and reliability for example...

GM also fell into the volume trap (and still are) by fireselling their products (4K 4 year old Astra anyone?)

If VW car achive 10m and keep their cars desirable then more power to them...but somehow i feel something will have to give.

25 October 2010

The only VW group car I would buy would be a Skoda. The rest I think are just overpriced rubbish. Proves this point with the profit from Audi, pretty much the same car as a volkswagon yet a better image thus more money thus more profit. I do like some of the AWD top of the range Audi's RS4, RS6 etc however most people go for the front wheel drive bog standard diesel models, thus overpriced unreliable rubbish.


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