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2010 should be a record year for VW Group sales after its strongest ever first half performance
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8 July 2010

Volkswagen Group is on course to achieve record sales in 2010 following a positive first six months of the year.

VW Group sold more than 3.5 million units across its Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley, Lamborghini and VW brands between January and June, a 15 per cent rise on 2009’s levels according to Group CEO Martin Winterkorn.

In 2009, VW Group sold 6.3m units. In 2010, Winterkorn believes the firm is capable of selling 7.0m units although he concedes this “will not be achieved easily”.

“Especially in Germany, business will become significantly harder in the second half of the year,” he said.

VW Group wants to become the world’s largest car company within the next 10 years, surpassing both Toyota and General Motors for unit sales.

By 2015, the firm expects to sell around 8m units annually, and 10m units by 2018.

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8 July 2010

It all seems rather silly to me - it must only be an ego thing to want to be the biggest automotive manufacturer in the world. What actual benefits are there? The bigger you are the harder you fall, anyway; just ask GM.

8 July 2010

there are such persons as shareholders who require dividends and a strong powerful company to keep investing in.

8 July 2010

A lot can change six years down the line.if VW group achieve number one which brands will go or be sold off.Seat comes to mind.tip of the iceberg?

8 July 2010

[quote Flash Harry]lot can change six years down the line.if VW group achieve number one which brands will go or be sold off.Seat comes to mind.tip of the iceberg?[/quote] This makes me laugh - let me just rephrase this quote: at some point in the future, when something may or may not have happened, this may or may not cause something else to happen. If in the remote possibility that this does happen, maybe it'll be this scenario. Once this does or does not happen, maybe other things may or may not happen. RESULT: We're all going to die aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

8 July 2010

[quote ace_mcgraw]RESULT: We're all going to die aaaaaaaaaaaaargh![/quote]

WHAT? We're all going to die??? But there's so many things i haven't done yet! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

8 July 2010

[quote Autocar]a 15 per cent rise on 2009’s levels[/quote]

Given that 2009 was a horrendous year for much of the industry, quoting improvements from 2009 into this year is not that exciting. Although VAG did much better than most (Audi only dropped 5% from 2008 sales, for example), it would still be interesting to see graphs of sales across the decade to see how they are tracking in the bigger picture.

8 July 2010

VW Group seems very strong to me now. It's not a matter of how big the company is. The cars are all above the average in every brand, many new models are coming and the old ones still perform well against the competitors. Customers are now looking for good values rather than emotions. I hope I'm wrong because I own an Alfa and my work is linked to the success of models like the Giulietta but I think the future is brigther in VW than here, in Turin.

8 July 2010

To have an ambition to be the biggest would not be a worthwhile target, however that's not what VW aim for. They are also very profitable and benefit enormously from economy of scale and their worldwide base. While smaller users suffer in home or European markets, VW groups risk is spread and they are leaders in China, South America and now with Suzuki in the group, Japan and SE Asia.

8 July 2010

The column in this month's Car was quite interesting about Audi.

They're engine ranges at around the 3 litre size in petrol and taxi-rattle are both down on Mercedes and BMW. They need to sort this out for sure.

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