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Volvo has set itself an ambitious sales target of reaching 800,000 units per year by 2020
Rachel Burgess
2 mins read
13 April 2018

Volvo will not launch any all-new models between now and 2020, instead capitalising on its existing line-up to reach its goal of 800,000 annual car sales by that date.

Other models such as a convertible or SUV coupé - the latter of which was rumoured following a recent trademark application for XC50 from Volvo - could happen in future but are not currently in the product plan. 

Volvo’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) boss Lex Kerssemakers said: “It would be nice to have a convertible or a coupe. It’s the cream on the cake but you don’t need it to survive,” adding that any new models would be beyond 2020.

Its focus for now, said Kerssemakers, was electrifying its existing line-up to achieve its stated intention of achieving a 25% mix of electric models by 2025.

Volvo boss: Opel/Vauxhall can learn from Volvo's success

“We cover 98% of the market with our current portfolio. Our electrification goals show we are taking it very seriously and we are rapidly expanding our electrified powertrains.”

The XC40 will receive a hybrid powertrain in autumn this year, and its also expected to be the first Volvo to go fully electric. Volvo-owned performance brand Polestar is expected to launch its pure electric vehicle first, which will closely resemble the Concept 40.2 shown last year. 

The next replacement model in Volvo’s line-up is the V40 hatchback, which should arrive next year. Kerssemakers confirmed the next V40, based on the brand’s Compact Modular Architecture – the same as the XC40 – would be electrified and be a “strong evolution” stylistically on the current model. However he hinted it wouldn’t be dramatically different. “The old XC90 to the new XC90 was a big difference because it was much larger, while the XC40 we could be a lot more extreme because it was the new kid on the block. The V40 is well established.”

Volvo must capitalise on its electric advantage now

Volvo is establishing itself more and more as a growing threat to bigger premium brands. Last year, it sold 571,577 units globally a growth of 7% over 2016. In Europe, its XC60 SUV sold 99,023 units in 2017, more than 100% more than the BMW X3 which sold 41,355.

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PW005 16 April 2018

Surely they've got to replace the V40

The current V40 will be nine years old by 2020..

Bazzer 13 April 2018


Jon, as someone whom you may or may not be addressing, my argument was never that the Chinese would ruin Volvo.  I simply choose not to buy any Chinese goods if I can help it.  This isn't based on any xenophobia, but the fact that I'm an engineer, and I see Chinese engineering a lot.  It's really poor, some of it downright dangerous.  If something is made in China then it immediately comes under suspicion.  Ask Aston Martin.  You can have a spec that you send them, and they ignore it!  It's impossible to go through your life without buying Chinese products, but I avoid them if I can.  I would not buy a Volvo if it was made in China, and I'm not alone.

peetee 13 April 2018

“ You can have a spec that

“ You can have a spec that you send them, and they ignore it! It's impossible to go through your life without buying Chinese products, but I avoid them if I can. I would not buy a Volvo if it was made in China, and I'm not alone.”

Well if Aston Martin were unsatisfied with Chinese engineering Apple have not been and nor will Volvo be if their products are made there. Tesla,BMW,Mercedes JLR and others are committed to Chinese production.
It is a dated view that Chinese engineers are second rate. We used to say the same about the Japanese !

Bazzer 13 April 2018

peetee, you're not an

peetee, you're not an engineer, are you?

Jon 1972 13 April 2018

If you never said  Chinese

If you never said  Chinese ownership would ruin Volvo then, no, I wasn't addressing you.

xxxx 13 April 2018

We cover 98% of the market with our current portfolio

Does that mean the Fiesta etc only caters for 2% of the market, I don's think so.

It looks like Volvo will be putting batteries and a motor in existing models rather than designing a 'ground-up' EV, this only leads compomise that'll never be as good as a 'true' EV, just compare an Electric Focus to a LEAF, Bolt or Model 3.

Andrew1 13 April 2018

xxxx wrote:

xxxx wrote:

Does that mean the Fiesta etc only caters for 2% of the market, I don's think so.

The market they address. Not many Volvo buyers want a Fiesta-sized car.

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