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Birmingham University opens Britain's first Hydrogen refuelling point

Despite a shortage of potential customers, Britain’s first hydrogen filling station has opened at Birmingham University.The station is the first of 12 outlets planned to open nationwide by 2010 and will serve a fleet of five fuel-cell cars. It’s the first part of the infrastructure needed to support the far-off prospect of hydrogen-powered cars in the UK.Professor Kevin Kendall from the University explained the reasoning behind the station: “It is absolutely necessary that we have the means to refuel our fleet of hydrogen-powered cars so that we can carry out our research into the feasibility of hydrogen in a transport context.”The station comes in the wake of news that Honda will sell the FCX Clarity fuel cell car in California this summer. Although Honda have no plans to sell the FCX Clarity in the UK at the moment, it may be swayed by Transport for London’s plans to introduce more hydrogen filling stations in the capital ext year.

Laurence Edmonson

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NiallOswald 18 April 2008

Re: UK's first Hydrogen fuel station

Maybe, but you can't store energy generated from wind/wave/solar in petrol/diesel, can you?Have you got a link re: metal 'emissions'?

Obviously this is just part of the progress the studies you have read will have based their predictions on. It's not going to happen overnight, is it?

People seem very quick to write off any new technology - it's almost as if they don't want progress. I've said this before, and I'll say it again - given the way things are going politically, anything which promises a future for the car as we know must be a good thing. I'd far rather be driving a hydrogen/hybrid/electric car in 40 years time than taking a bus!
NiallOswald 17 April 2008

Re: UK's first Hydrogen fuel station

I guess the situation would have been pretty similar 110 or so years ago for petrol cars...