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Ford has benefited the most under scrappage in the UK so far

SMMT figures released today show that 84,361 vehicles have been registered under the scrappage scheme since its introduction in May.

Ford has received the most orders under the scrappage scheme, with 10,953 units registered, followed by Hyundai with 9823 registrations and Toyota with 7048.

UK car sales riseGerman sales up again

Toyota has been the strongest performer among manufacturers building cars in Britain. Vauxhall is the next best performer in this category with 5979 registrations, followed by Nissan with 3943.

The success of the UK's £2000 scrappage incentive scheme has contributed to a year-on-year rise of 2.4 per cent in new car sales in July.

According to the SMMT figures, 21 per cent of the total 157,149 new car registrations were as a result of the scheme.

SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt said, “The scrappage scheme has contributed to the first increase in new car registrations since April last year.

"Smaller, lower-CO2-emitting cars are taking the lion’s share of registrations, which will have a positive impact in reducing emissions as well as boosting the UK motor industry.”

Mini, which builds cars at its Oxford plant, has sold 1325 units under scrappage, while Honda, which has a factory in Swindon, has sold 3583 cars.

Jaguar and Land Rover have not performed as strongly, but this was expected, as scrappage has mainly benefited manufacturers of small cars. Jaguar has sold 39 cars and Land Rover has sold 145.

Of all the manufacturers signed up to scrappage, troubled Korean firm Ssangyong has posted the worst sales, with just one unit recorded.

Other notable figures include Porsche, which has sold 10 cars under scrappage, and Lexus, which has sold 17.

German manufacturers have had mixed results so far under scrappage. Volkswagen has sold the most, with 3966 units, followed by BMW with 918 and Mercedes with 524. Audi has sold 522 cars so far under scrappage.

French manufacturers have performed strongly, helped by budget city cars including the Renault Twingo, Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1. Peugeot has sold 4448 cars under scrappage, Citroen 3652 and Renault 2075.

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