Prime Minister says investing in design and manufacturing for electric cars is now the focus

Prime Minister Theresa May has further emphasised plans to put the UK at the “forefront of a 21st century transport revolution” by investing heavily in the automotive sector.

During today’s science and modern industrial strategy speech, May reiterated that the Government aims to encourage development in “design and manufacturing of zero-emission vehicles”.

The targets, first outlined earlier this year with the Road to Zero plan, include a prevention on the sale of pure petrol and diesel cars from 2040. The law change will only allow the sale of new cars capable of at least 50 miles of pure electric range.

May said the Government’s growing focus on the automotive industry relates in part to the fact that it is “one of our greatest success stories” and that it “continues to thrive and create good jobs across the country”.

“Technology is revolutionising how we power vehicles, how they are driven, how we navigate and how we access information about public transport,” she said. “Britain led the world into the railway age. We pioneered jet air travel.

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“We can make our towns and cities cleaner, safer and more productive places to live and work. We can set a global standard for managing technological change to maximise economic and environmental benefits."

May added that the Government will “work with industry to achieve this ambition and share the benefits this opportunity presents”.

However, many industry insiders have hit out at recent government decisions that have directly affected the car industry, such as the increasing pressure on diesel cars via its introduction of raised tax rates. Diesel car sales have dropped by more than a third in recent months.

Jaguar Land Rover, for example, said the knock-on effect of the fall in demand was that 1000 agency staff workers would not have their contracts renewed.

Meanwhile, business secretary Greg Clark appeared to make a U-turn last week when he said diesel cars would remain important to meet wider CO2 targets.

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21 May 2018

How about ensuring we have a power grid which can cope with all these electric cars if we all switched to electric cars tomorrow there would be blackouts... Also, when is some boffin going to design brakes that don't produce clouds of dust that are now worse particulate wise than the emissions from Euo six petrol and derv engines? Surley that is an emission and proven to be carciogenic. 

22 May 2018

EVs rarely use brakes pads and when they do, except  in an emergency, the car will have slowed almost to a stop. 


If the National Grid is relaxed about the increasing energy demand as the take up of electric vehicles, which will be gradually, gets underway why should you be ?

21 May 2018

Theres no such thing as a "zero emissions vehicle" more crap from an incompetent prime minster.

XXXX just went POP.

21 May 2018

I wouldn't trust Theresa May to organise or influence anything. She was given the job of running the Tory Party and crashed it in to a wall.

This government put out confusing messages about Diesel and screwed up our home manufacturers.

Nobody understands vehicle licencing now because it is constantly changing.

In the next episode they will make EV compulsory but not check there are enough chargers.

I compare her to Gwendoline in Wallace and Gromit but she couldn' run a wool shop

22 May 2018

Governments are good at emitting soundbites, and often recycling them many times as if they are new. Sometimes I wish for zero emission politicians, but announcements like these are mainly a diversion tactic aiming to make the electorate believe they are doing something positive. You can tell that this announcement is vapid by the fact that, on the one hand they promise the road to zero emission vehicles, but on the other hand set a target of preventing the sale of pure petrol or diesel engined cars by 2040. Hybrid vehicles are not zero emission, of course.

Anyway, the thing that worries me most is that Greg Clark seems actually to believe he knows what industries the UK is going to be a world leader in. Surely that should be decided by those who put their capital at risk in pursuit of new products and technology.

22 May 2018

 Who would want Mrs Mays Job?, being a leader the buck stops here person must be horrible knowing that your advisers are deciding good or bad what to do to make her Country and People, anyway, banning pure Petrol/Deisel, we will still have pollution only less from Cars and the like, pollution like the Weather moves around the Planet so reducing it effectively is nigh on impossible, and to be honest it wouldn’t matter who ran the Country they’d be in the same Boat, and what’s wrong with wanting your Country at the forefront?, what’s wrong with a bit of ambition?.......

Peter Cavellini.

22 May 2018

that there will be adequate power available for this and what is the time table for "grid uplift"?

22 May 2018

that there will be adequate power available for this and what is the time table for "grid uplift"?

22 May 2018

that there will be adequate power available for this and what is the time table for "grid uplift"?

22 May 2018

If we take what this woman says at face value then the good news is that we don't need fracking in this country and this governments attempts to force this industry onto communities that voted against fracking is at odds with her statement. Of course you can't take what May says at face value because the direction this government goes is nearly always in the complete opposite direction. The ways I view our countries success in anything motor related is down to the hard work and inovation in the sector despite our governments intervention. The revolution this country needs is in politics not industry.

 Offence can only be taken not given- so give it back!


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