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General Motors’ acting CEO Ed Whitacre says only Spyker is left in talks with Saab

General Motors’ acting CEO Ed Whitacre has revealed Spyker as the sole remaining bidder for Saab.

In Whitacre’s first official press briefing since taking over from the ousted Fritz Henderson, he claimed that a deal with the Dutch sports car firm could be completed by the end of the year.

If no deal can be agreed with a new investor, Whitacre reiterated that Saab would be closed.

The Swedish company sold the rights to its old 9-5 and current 9-3 to Chinese manufacturer BAIC on Monday and the money from the deal is believed to be enough to keep Saab afloat for the next three months.

This means any deal with Spyker would need to be sorted by March or Saab would face closure.

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WooDz 17 December 2009

Re: Spyker is sole Saab bidder

Fuel efficient turbo-charging technology, Hybrid technology, Safety technology. Apparently SAAB are currently talking with BMW with use of the next gen Mini architecture. So Spyker could have a bash at producing a smaller low cost roadster to go up against Porsche's future Ragtop which is expected to use VW's Roadster-Blue concept platform. Just a couple of things.... Maybe people thing SAAB should go to the grave because they think all their tech comes from GM. This is very far from the truth but we've had nearly 20 years of the media saying telling us SAAB's are just rebadged OPELS. If anything SAAB has been driving GM tech but hey why would you believe anything different, the press never get anything wrong do they?

crashbangwallop 17 December 2009

Re: Spyker is sole Saab bidder

and look what Spyker would be getting.... which would be?

Jeezitsonlyacar 17 December 2009

Re: Spyker is sole Saab bidder

Spyker, yes, that makes much more sense than Saab being taken over by a tiny, highly-specialised small-scale builder of impossibly expensive supercars such as Koenigsegg