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Up to 100 cars will be crushed over the next 48 hours as part of the company's receivership process

Unconfirmed, but local, reports from Saab’s Trollhattan HQ say that up to 100 cars will be crushed over the next 48 hours as part of the receivership process. All the cars that had been completed before Saab folded will be cubed, say the sources, including pre-production examples of the Saab 9-5 estate as well as the handful of the Mexican-built 9-4x SUV that found their way to Sweden.

Reports suggest that a single 9-5 estate will be preserved for the Saab museum, whose future is also uncertain. The museum is currently closed, but moves are being made in Trollhattan to preserve it and its contents once the receivership process is over.

Enthusiast website Saabs United are also reporting that a new company has been formed in the UK for the distribution of Saab parts. It will be headed up former Saab UK managing director, Charles Toosey, according to the sources. It is said that there are 190,000 Saabs still on UK roads and that there are also 200 new Saab models still being held in the dealer network by the administrators.

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leejermon 26 October 2012

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VX220EDDIE 14 January 2012

Re: Saabs on way to crusher

Fidji wrote:
Hey! Before you go and expect the Nobel Peace Prize, I'll have you know I came up with that first! ;)

did your mamma never teach you to share!! haha never seen your post :P

PRODIGY 14 January 2012

Re: Saabs on way to crusher

ronmcdonald wrote:
PRODIGY wrote:
It all comes down to liabilty and the claim culture. If one of these Saabs was involved in a crash, then you can guarentee a lawsuit would follow, and the recievers don't want that situation to occur.

You can't crash a half built car and the 9-4x's as far as I'm aware were imported from Mexico and would have been roadworthy.

Fair point.

ronmcdonald wrote:
As for rocking horse excrement - wish Longbridge had used that to build my MG, at least it wouldn't have rusted so fast. Come to think of it, my car may have been built at Cowley - where I suspect they'd have used a better quality of horsesh1t

Ron, Ron, Ron, every time somebody mentions Rover, MG or Longbridge, it's like a little fire ignites inside of you and you just can't help yourself! Most cars rusted in the 70s.. Fords, BL, anything French, and as for Lancias... by the 80s most cars were better, but still not immune. Ford had massive problems with the top selling Escort mk3/4. And now I find out that Cowley is a better place than Birmingham, particulary with regards to Horse pooh. You learn something new every day.