Currently reading: Renault 'builds Merc-based vehicle'
Renault has begun work on a luxury car based on Mercedes platform, according to company bosses

Renault has begun work on a luxury car based on Mercedes platform, according to company bosses. The project is reportedly at an early stage and the viability of such a vehicle is still being studied, according to news reports quoting company COO Carlos Tavares.

Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn was also quoted as saying that ‘at least one’ Mercedes-based luxury car would ‘help’ the company.

Renault is already in an alliance with Daimler, Mercedes’ parent company, with plans to build the next-generation Smart ForFour on the same platform as the next-generation Twingo. There are also plans to build an entry-level Infiniti on the new Mercedes B-Class platform.

Last year French government officials told Renault that it had to accelerate plans to stay in the large car sector after the company had failed to make clear its plans to replace the ageing Laguna and Espace models. The government owns 15 percent of the carmaker.

The Mercedes-based car would be ‘third’ model in the large car range, after the Espace replacement and, presumably, the Laguna replacement, both of which are likely to remain front-wheel drive.


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Mart_J 19 February 2012

Re: Renault 'builds Merc-based vehicle'

TegTypeR wrote:


What do Renault want to get out of this? Is it the kudos of telling people that it's a good car because it is a Mercedes underneath? Is this what he means by "help"?

Why not use in house hardware if they want a rear drive platform - they already have various Infiniti's they could create a car off?

Doesn't really make sense?

Teg, I suspect it is the same 'help' as Renault had in the 90s with Volvo. Hence why they are so good in occupant protection. renault might get some kudos but I believe, as others here that it is down to the French government having something to swan a round in. There really aren't any big French modern cars out there any more. As much as I like the C6 (and would want one still), it really isn't a modern car. Only in design, and then it is only a curiosity. I really admired renault 10/15 years ago producing 'out there' cars, but they really need a real French flagship, not some Korean hash job of a Laguna. By the way, I didn't think the current Laguna was that old (2007), the Espace is nearly 10 years old and need sreplacing, it is getting a bit 'Range Rover'ish, while it still has the kudos, it is no longer top of its league.

josen100x 18 February 2012

Re: Renault 'builds Merc-based vehicle'

Renault Benz. Fast version: Alpine Benz.

catnip 18 February 2012

Re: Renault 'builds Merc-based vehicle'

thebaldgit wrote:

Everybody knows the only reason the French build luxury cars is to give their politicians something to swan around in.

Exactly, I would imagine this is the sole reason for this directive.