The new Cayman GT4 is expected to be powerful enough to wear the RS badge; manual and automatic gearbox options mooted
16 February 2018

The forthcoming successor to the original Cayman GT4 will stick with a naturally aspirated flat six engine despite the arrival of a turbocharged flat four in the Porsche 718 Cayman.

The engine is expected to be a detuned version of the new 911 GT3’s 4.0-litre flat six, although power is expected to increase over the previous generation's 380bhp. 400bhp-plus is expected.

“Natural aspiration is one of our main USPs,” said Andreas Preuninger, head of GT car development at Porsche.

“At Motorsport, we think we can achieve throttle response and immediacy a little bit better with an atmospheric highrevving engine than any kind of turbo.” He also confirmed there are no plans to create any four-cylinder GT cars.

The bolstered performance means the car's 0-62mph time will be cut from the previous-generation car's 4.4sec, while its 183mph top speed is also likely to rise slightly. Just like the previous car, the 2019 GT4 isn't expected to weigh any more than the Cayman GTS, so Porsche will likely keep the car's weight below 1450kg. 

2015's Cayman GT4 raided Porsche GT's parts bin for components to make the car more focused, and it'll be no different for the 2019 model, as Porsche seeks to increase the focus of its sports car lineup with variants like the 911 Carrera T and the 911 GT3 Touring Package.

Autocar has speculated that the next Cayman GT4 will be powerful enough to wear the RS badge, reserved for Porsche’s most hardcore models, and Preuninger dropped a broad hint that it will come with both manual and PDK gearbox options.

“The aim is to always have the choice,” he said. “Now we’ve started with that strategy with the GT3, let’s hope that it pays off.”

Preuninger also said Porsche will crack down on speculators who buy GT cars to flip for a profit rather than to drive. “If you do it, you won’t get the next car,” he said.

The previous Cayman GT4 was priced from £64,451 - around £10,000 more than the Cayman GTS. If a similar pricing strategy is employed this time around, it'll cost just shy of £70,000. 

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9 May 2017 least in the UK, that Porsche dealers are donkey deep in the speculator process?

Does this mean Porsche will crack down on it's own dealers?

9 May 2017
Before post-Brexit prices kick in, in about two years. Wouldn't GT6 be a more appropriate badge, to distinguish it from the 4-cyl. models?

9 May 2017
GT4 refers to the FIA championship that the race version of the car competes in, similarly to the 911 GT3 being compatible with GT3 specs.

Oddly though, Porsche was somehow able to trademark these names and stop other manufacturers using them on their own road car versions of their race cars, hence the Aston Martin GT8 and GT12 models, which are indeed 8 and 12 cylinder, but also equate to GT4 and GT3 race specs!

9 May 2017
Will have to wait until this season of WEC and corresponding IMSA championships are over to see if Porsche will regret not turbo-charging the new RSR race car. So far it's not been that competitive against the turbo'd 488 and Ford GT.

9 May 2017
Surprising to me, would have thought Porsche really needed a "Halo" four cylinder car to wake up the buying public to its four cylinder range, which nobody I've met seems to be vaguely enthusiastic about ?

Also, please Porsche, if you are selling this as a Track Day car, can it be arranged that in standard form it gets through most Track Day noise tests unlike the current range ?

9 May 2017
Naturally aspirated and a flat 6 = Good News.

All that needs saying on this one.

11 May 2017
It is not uncommon to see buyers simply making a purchase just to make profits. Even with a high price tag, a car that is worth an investment could easily be wiped off the shelves almost immediately. This group of buyers are often categorised as non-hobbyists or enthusiasts but are simply out for the monetary returns.

16 February 2018

Never say never..........

I bet this will be the last Naturally Aspirated GT4, Porsche will move to Turbo for next generation GT4

16 February 2018

Funny how there are no video’s of the new GT4 testing ? A video with sound would allow us all to know if the car is a six or a four cylinder , and ruin all these column inches of speculation . Still find it hard to believe that Porsche can go back to a flat six for the GT4 when it’s selling a flat four Cayman and Boxter to the masses, a terrible public admission of defeat ? Also tuners like Erhesmann are already getting four hundred plus horsepower and excellent torque from the flat four for quite small amounts of money .

16 February 2018
Ravon wrote:

Still find it hard to believe that Porsche can go back to a flat six for the GT4 when it’s selling a flat four Cayman and Boxter to the masses, a terrible public admission of defeat ?

It's not 'going back' to a six, when the new four-cyl Boxster/Cayman was released it was mentioned that it could accommodate a six, it was a bit of a given the GT4 would be. The question was perhaps more would it be a turbo six from the 911 or a NA six from the GT3.


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