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Production of the new BMW 5 Series at the Graz plant means no more room for Mini’s three-door crossover.
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16 September 2016

The Mini Paceman will cease production by the end of the year as Mini trims back its model line-up.

The three-door crossover hatchback is currently built at parent company BMW’s plant in Graz, Austria, which is run by Magna Steyr. Magna has just announced that it will build the new BMW 5 Series saloon in Graz from 2017, which will leave no room for the quirky Mini or the related Countryman, which has been built there since 2010.

However, while a new Countryman will be revealed before the end of this year, BMW has said since the end of 2014 that the Paceman will be phased out.

Mini wants to establish five distinct lines of vehicles as it moves into the third generation of cars developed under BMW ownership. The refreshed range will be more mature and rounded compared with the early vehicles’ cartoonish personalities.

The hatchback, Clubman and Convertible form the first three lines, and the new, more upmarket Countryman will form the fourth. The fifth is likely to be a saloon, built to target the US and Asian markets, although it will be sold globally.

The Paceman was introduced in 2012 and received a broadly favourable review from Autocar's road test team. However, BMW executives felt it sat too close to the Countryman in Mini’s line-up and decided to axe it.

As well as the Paceman, the Mini Coupé and Roadster are also being phased out.

Phill Tromans

Mini saloon to fifth model in new-look range


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16 September 2016
I had one of these on loan when our F56 MINI hatch was in for a service and couldn't believe just how poorly it drove in comparison: it was noisy, hard riding and the ergonomics were comedic. I think SUV coupes are pretty pointless, none moreso than this one.

16 September 2016
The F58/F59 Coupe/Roadster ceased production in April 2015

17 September 2016
Nick Dawson wrote:

The F58/F59 Coupe/Roadster ceased production in April 2015

Exactly - that is old news. To replace my own Cooper S Roadster I guess I will have to shop elsewhere.

18 September 2016
The good news is that you can now buy the latest Mazda MX5 with a clear conscience.

16 September 2016
What an utterly pointless ugly monstrosity, about time it was put out its misery!


17 September 2016
And even more like a hippo on a tightrope.

17 September 2016
Its always been perverse to be sat at the traffic lights looking up at someone sat in a 'mini' alongside.

17 September 2016
People sneer at Audi's photocopier approach. But Audi make subtle proportional adjustments to every 'photocopied' model and the result is almost always well proportioned.

It's Mini's photocopier approach that's more problematic. The Paceman as a scaled-up 3-door hatchback looks as wrong as a baby scaled up to adult size.

18 September 2016
abkq wrote:

People sneer at Audi's photocopier approach.

IMHO it is utterly dull and unimaginative. For "subtle" read "flair free". Mini's lack of flair manifests itself in lumpy proportions and poor detailing. As others have said, the Paceman is the worst of a collection of grotesques.

18 September 2016
The Paceman has always been a rather awkward member of the MINI family, and I don't think many people will mourn its passing. If Autocar are right that a saloon will be the fifth model line, then does that mean the Superleggera sports car will never see the light of day?

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