BMW has announced a £250m investment programme in its three UK production facilities
9 July 2012

BMW has announced it will invest £250m in its three UK Mini plants by the end of 2015. The investment secures 5500 jobs across its main Oxford plant, its pressing operations in Swindon and its engine manufacturing facility at Hams Hall, Birmingham.

The move comes as Mini revealed it will introduce new models in the mid-term, taking the marque’s line-up to 10 different models.

Today’s announcement is in addition to the £500m investment announced in 2011. BMW has invested £1.75bn in UK production since 2000.

Harald Krüger, member of the board of management at the BMW Group, said: "BMW Group has even greater plans for the future development of the brand. Plant Oxford has played a major role in this with cars being exported to over 100 countries around the world. This additional investment is great news for all our employees in the UK and shows the BMW Group's commitment to Britain as a vital manufacturing base for us."

As part of Mini’s expansion, it is seeking production partners overseas. Krüger said: "Our preferred option is to establish a contract manufacturer as a satellite production as close to our UK operations as possible, at the Nedcar plant in the Netherlands, with whom BMW is in discussions."

The Nedcar plant, which has recently stopped producing cars for Mitsubishi, could be awarded the contract to produce the Countryman from Magna. Such a move would suggest the Paceman, a Countryman variant, would also be produced at Nedcar.

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9 July 2012

Good news for the British workers Smile

9 July 2012

superstevie wrote:

Good news for the British workers Smile

Very good news, but I don't think there'll be many positive comments on here about this news item: It does involve MINI after all Smile

9 July 2012

Great to see BMW investment in the UK plant continue.

Let's see how much attention this article gets from those who continually bash Mini on this forum.

9 July 2012

Like JLR good news for UK manufacturing and another car maker producing stuff that sells and exports instead of unsold tat sitting in a field for a year or so before some poor unsuspecting bugger buys a mediocre car from a rudderless manufacturer churning out unwanted cars .

No I do not like any of the Mini range but you cant fault their product strategy even if in my book they redefine munterism . 

I wonder if all manufacturers do product clinics nowadays ? Vauxhall Renault Fiat why have you all slipped behind in your design and sales ? Thing is MINI seems to be "above ?" Korean competition unlike the above .


9 July 2012

Good news - the stable £ getting the UK extra investment rather than spending money in a wobbly Eurozone.

9 July 2012

Despite recent trauma the value of the pound vis a vis the euro has not changed dramatically. We seem to be in danger of flag flapping rather than discussing motor vehicles!

9 July 2012

Wouldn't that be BMW is investing 315 million euros in the MINI plants. (a quick check on the currency converter)


9 July 2012

If BMW had spent this much effort into MG Rover the chances are the brand wouldnt be in chinese hands, and they could have shared components with mini lowering costs, a new cheap metro on a mini chassis could have become the new mini, thus allowing mini to move upmarket as it has, the next 1 series will be front drive and could have spawned new 25's and 45's and a rwd 75 using 3 or 5 series parts could have been a winner. 

9 July 2012

If only life was that simple!


"...the next 1 series will be front drive and could have spawned new 25's and 45's"?: And what Rovers were BMW mean't to sell in the intervening 12 years? The old 25 and 45 were well past their sell by date and the 75 simply didn't sell in the numbers BMW anticipated to make it profitable for them to continue.

"...a rwd 75 using 3 or 5 series parts could have been a winner."?: BMW weren't looking for Rover to add to their rear wheel market. The idea was to give BMW a slice of the lucrative front wheel drive market. A rear wheel drive 75 would have been less profitable to BMW than their own 3 and 5 series which they sell at a premium. Where's the sense in adding another rival to the rear wheel drive segment that makes you less profit per vehicle sold?


BMW's original intentions for Rover were good but they badly miscalculated how bad the Rover situation was (too many old dogs in the range).

Had they tried to continue to keep Rover going themselves (in the vein that you suggest), it would have dragged BMW down too.

And lets not forget, BMW left Rover with a £500Million interest free loan payable over 50 years to help keep the company going. They didn't just wash their hands of it all and walked away. And do you honestly think BMW expect to see any of that £500Million again?, My monies on it being written off by BMW.

At the end of the day, BMW's primary responsibility was to ensure that BMW survived, and to do that they had no choice but to cut Rover loose.

9 July 2012

Must be good news that BMW are investing in the UK? Just a shame we never had anyone enterprising enough to do what they did. Not that we had a car industry that could have produced a car like the new Mini. When did we ever have any decent "British" cars to base anything on? BMC/BL. I think not. Everything else was already foreign owned.  Regards. 


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