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Prospective company boss vows to preserve heritage

Prospective Saab boss Christian Von Koenigsegg has vowed to protect the company's heritage in all future models it brings out.

In a company produced video Koenigsegg says he has spent the summer test driving the next Saab 9-5, and says he wants all future models to share its qualities of being "unique, Swedish, innovative, environmentally friendly and - of course - fun to drive."

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Koenigsegg is also asked about raising the necessary funds to continue new car development.

He responds: "Absolutely, money is an important factor. We are working with GM, the Swedish government and our group to get the money we need. We've got far enough to get the deal moving, and we continue to work.

"It is a huge challenge, but a very rewarding challenge. I am very confident we will make this work."

In response to a question about the sale from GM providing security for Saab workers, he says: "We have great plans for the future of Saab. We will do our best to build a strong and exciting future for the company, and of course that's good for employees as well."

Koenigsegg also stresses that it is wrong to associate the sale solely with his eponymous supercar company.

"Koenigsegg the supercar manufacturer is not buying Saab, it's a company called the Koenigsegg Group, which I personally, the supercar company and a group of investors are in. Within that group of people there's a strength and energy to get the job done."

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WooDz 24 August 2009

Re: Koenigsegg's plans for Saab

Many would say SAAB make the best 4-seater convertible for under 30K that can actually carry 4 adults in comfort.

Topkat 24 August 2009

Re: Koenigsegg's plans for Saab

They need to make a good 4 seater convertible... then I might buy my first Saab! :-)

WooDz 24 August 2009

Re: Koenigsegg's plans for Saab

People see what they want through background knowledge of the company. Personally I see an evolution of the out going model. This is sleeker and has an appearance of a tighter wrapped body. The LED lighting has been used to good effect which is reminiscent of the red reflective strip of the old 900. The Interior is unique to SAAB bar the Steering wheel, yet even that isn't a straight Insignia copy and when compared there has been a slight styling change. However I am more interested in what the New SAAB has up their sleeve for a future sub-compact 'Citroen DS3' competitor.