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Jaguar "in negotiations" with potential Chinese partner, says Tata boss

Jaguar is “in negotiations” with a possible partner in China, Tata boss Carl-Peter Forster has said.

The partnership would see Jaguar entering into a joint venture with a firm which would both manufacture and sell its vehicles. Forster said that the firm was in "good discussions" with an un-named Chinese car maker.

He also told journalists in China that the believed the firm "tremendous potential" around the world, but it was "not as strong as we should be, most notably in China". Forster believes the firm had been "somewhat under-managed" before Tata took ownership of Jaguar Land Rover from Ford.

PSA Peugeot Citroen has this week confirmed its own assault on the luxury car market in the China, while both Volkswagen and General Motors are among several manufacturers looking to increase capacity there.

Read about PSA's Chinese aspirations

Forster added that Tata has also received a lot of overseas interest in the Nano, although no export markets have been agreed. “We have a lot of interest, certainly more interest than we can satisfy,” he said.

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dipdaddy 29 October 2010

Re: Jaguar looks for Chinese partner

one of the reason why Jag are pursuing this is that there is a market for demand for jag and Land rover vehicles in china. secondly, product imported into china from other countries carry a huge import tarrif charge making Jags and Land rovers very expensive to the end consumer. thirdly, the only way to crack the chinese market is to look for a partner for a Joint Venture. All manufacturers do this in Canada, China and maybe the US. this way you overcome the import tarrif China charges which i thinks makes the product double in cost/price. I do hope this is not an excuse to export the cars from China to other countries like US, Europe becuase i think part of the experience of buying a Jag is that its "made in England" and i do hope they are very strict on the manufactured part quality becuase you don't want local chinese firms making parts out of crap metal unless they are shipping partly built cars there or shipping the parts in wooden boxes

RadeB 28 October 2010

Re: Jaguar looks for Chinese partner

Peter Cavellini wrote:
Well, i hope they choose wisely, because Volvo's new owners judging by crash test on one of their products scored a spectacular ZERO!, that's right ZERO! in an NCAP like test,also stating that China has a long way to go on car safety!.
One of the reasons that they bought Volvo, clever guys!They have downfalls, but millenniums of wisdom too!

The Special One 28 October 2010

Re: Jaguar looks for Chinese partner

A couple of racists turn up on a forum on the subject of China- what a surprise! Must have jumped at the chance. Guys, well done!