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Jaguar could be sold in Ford review

Jaguar's XKR might have been one of the British motor show stars but the firm is still in trouble - and it could be sold by parent company Ford.

The American giant has just announced net losses of $254m (£135m) for the second quarter - and it has brought in a former investment banker to review all of its car brands and study the possibility of mergers with other firms.

Jaguar is the weakest link in the Premier Automotive Group chain - it lost over £400m in 2004, and last year Ford pumped £1.2bn into the brand to keep it afloat. But sales are continuing to drop and investment in future models appears to be waning too - only the saloon version of the 2008 S-type is under development, potentially denying the sales boost an estate version could provide.

Ford has declined to comment on the potential sale of Jag, but a spokesman told the BBC, "Bill Ford has said that everything is on the table. We are reviewing the business."

Who would buy Jaguar? The smart money would be on an emerging manufacturer from the Far East - but with Chinese companies waiting to see how the rebirth of MG goes, Korean industrial giant Hyundai could be a candidate.

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