Currently reading: Jaguar confirms I-Pace recall for potential brake issue
System failure on 2018 and 2019 models could result in extended stopping distances
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17 June 2019

Jaguar has issued a voluntary global recall notice for its I-Pace electric SUV

Owners of 2018 and early 2019 models have been advised of a fault with the I-Pace’s electrical regenerative braking system, which could result in extended stopping distances. 

The fault will not present itself except in the event of a failure of the regenerative system, which isn’t an issue that has been reported.

The company states that “in the unlikely event of an electrical regenerative brake system failure, affected vehicles do not meet the regulated standard for the time to transition brake force to the friction brake system.

“This means that the stopping distance may be potentially extended. A brake system software update will ensure that the vehicles meet the regulatory requirements.”

Jaguar will not charge owners of affected vehicles for the repair, which it says requires only a short visit to a dealership. 

This latest recall is the second issued by Jaguar Land Rover in recent months. Around 44,000 2.0-litre diesel- and petrol-powered models were called back by the company in March amid concerns that they could be emitting excessive levels of CO2. 

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xxxx 18 June 2019


I reckon the only major manufacturer Autocar don't take money off, or 'driving holidays' from, are Tesla.   I also reckon Alfa are in deeper dire straights than Jaguar, for the last 2 months the I-pace has outsold the Giula in Europe

Lapps 17 June 2019

And the Q5?

Strange Autocar has made no mention of the Audi Q5 recall. Also brake related and so far affecting Australia and USA. 

peetee 17 June 2019

Lapps wrote:

Lapps wrote:

Strange Autocar has made no mention of the Audi Q5 recall. Also brake related and so far affecting Australia and USA. 

Perhaps Autocar are taking Audi’s money now that Jaguar are in such dire straits ?

He who pays the piper etc :)

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