Porsche recalls 128 911 GT3 and GT3 RS models to rectify potential problem
4 December 2007

Porsche is recalling 128 recently built GT3 and GT3 RS 911s to rectify a potential fault with the traction control system, and Porsche GB has just confirmed to Autocar that some UK cars will be affected.Owners of new GT3s built between 28 September and 9 November 2007 will be receiving a letter from Porsche GB asking them to pay an early visit to their local dealer.The problem is with the traction control and PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) control buttons on the centre console. According to Porsche, they could malfunction and unexpectedly switch either or both systems off. Which isn't what you'd want on a wet lap of the Nurburgring. Porsche says it has had no reports of the potential malfunction actually happening to any customers, but is recalling the cars as a precaution. Fixing the defective buttons, if necessary, is a 30-minute process covered under warranty. It’s also not clear how many of the 128 cars affected are registered in the UK - a Porsche GB spokesman said that the company is comparing chassis numbers to find out.

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Porsche 911

A sublime all-purpose sports car that few others can match for its combination of power, handling prowess and interior refinement

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4 December 2007

'Which isn't what you'd want on a wet lap of the Nurburgring'.

B*llox to that - I'd be more concerned that the average fat, middle aged customer of such a 'mid life crisis car' lost control of it on the Kings Road.

The 911's spiritual home.

5 December 2007


Is it hard to walk straight with all those chips on your shoulders?


5 December 2007

I'm more balanced than you John, I have chips on both shoulders.



P.S I still don't like the Beetle 911. Now give me a 356 and we'll talk.

5 December 2007

[quote scummyplum]

P.S I still don't like the Beetle 911. Now give me a 356 and we'll talk.


....................the 356 is more related to a beetle than any of todays 911's. Not a fan of progress are we? Are you above the age of 50 or something. Own a mobile phone? I prefer using a pigeon. They resemble pigeons more.

5 December 2007

(ignore my age comment actually there are plenty of 50 year olds who like and can use technology. apologees to anyone here over 50)

5 December 2007


It's very tongue in cheek and banterish in this forum - bear that in mind before you post. Irony also plays a part - so yes I know that a 356 is more like a Beetle than a 911 - I'm surprised someone who professes to be an undergraduate/postgrad feels they need to point that out.

Scummyplum rolls his eyes and pat's little Schumi on the head ruffling his hair in a patronising manner............

Oh gawd......

5 December 2007

but....it wasn't a toungue in cheek comment at all, and it makes your entire point totally redundant, because you used the mention of the beetle as the point of your...point. but because the point was completely wrong.........it made the entire statement totally invalid.

(rolls eyes)

5 December 2007

Schumy, you appear to be spoiling for an argument.

So let me be blunt and advise you that I'll tell you what I mean as tongue in cheek - you don't need to tell me anything.

You appear to have trouble grasping this concept.

Bear that friendly advice in mind - comment by all means but I am not going to argue with you about something you've taken out of context and have not followed in the spirit it was intended.

Fair enuff.....

6 December 2007

Thanks Kee Law - I always enjoy reading your contributions - they are well thought out, respectful and ALWAYS on topic.

I'll bang a few of those 'smileys' from now on.


6 December 2007

Scummy id like to see some more pictures of your picasso. Maybe we can have a photoshop competion about who can bling it up the most?

The irony of this forum is anyone who could afford a GT3 probably couldnt be bothered to even post on here!


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