Reports suggest Fiat Chrysler cars could be taken off sale in Germany as row over possible emissions test device deepens

Fiat Chrysler could be banned from selling cars in Germany after refusing to attend a government hearing on its use of emissions control devices, according to reports.

Last month, German transport minister Alexander Dobrindt summoned Fiat to a hearing to explain why a Fiat 500X was found to be running an emissions control device that shut off after 22 minutes - two minutes after the official test cycle that determines official pollution levels is completed.

The emissions tests were undertaken by Germany’s transport authority, the KBA, on behalf of the German Government, and the findings have been reported to the European Commission and Italian authorities. It is understood that tests are now being carried out on other Fiat vehicles.

Fiat has responded by saying that its emissions control systems fully comply with European law, and declined to attend the meeting with Dobrindt citing the grounds that its testing was run under Italian jurisdiction.

Dobrindt, in turn, criticised Fiat's "uncooperative attitude", saying its stance was "totally incomprehensible".

Italy’s Transport Minister, Graziano Delrio, reacted by saying that German authorities should contact Italian car regulators and not the company directly. He added that he had assurances that Fiat Chrysler would fully co-operate with any investigations if conducted correctly.

Consequently media reports in Germany and by the BBC have suggested Germany could respond by suspending sales of Fiat Chrysler vehicles while the discussions are ongoing.


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23 May 2016
We could commission John Cleese to do a sketch where he runs around sticking little yellow stars onto the windscreens of Fiat Chrysler vehicles, while stating in a heavy german accent that " this is totally incomprehensible Sibble"

 Offence can only be taken not given- so give it back!

23 May 2016
So it's ok for VW to cheat in Germany, but the Italians can't????
Typical of the German Government looking after it's own car makers!!!!!
Lets hope the Italian Government reacts by banning the sales of all VW group
products in Italy!!!!!


24 May 2016
...and I'm not saying they shouldn't, what would that mean for Lamborghini? While yes, restricting the sales of VW's many stream cars in Italy would strike a blow at both VW Group and their part owner and patriotic supporter, the German government! But with Volkswagen also owning Lamborghini (an automaker the Italian government just gave tax credits to so that they would build the company's Urus SUV there) to not restrict the sales of ALL VW Group vehicles would seem a little half hearted. If the only did so to all their vehicles except Lambo, wouldn't the Italian government be doing the same thing they are accusing the German government on doing? This cheating scandal is creating a Sticky Wicket for a number of auto companies, that is bruising a lot of political nationalistic egos along with it!

23 May 2016
FadyAdy has a diesel VW. PMSL.

23 May 2016
We forget that the Germans are responsible for several metric f*cktonnes of CO2 courtesy of their antiquated ideas about speed limits on their motorways - limits that their government has continuously rejected over the years, and continue to do so even now. According to a 2014 report by the World Bank's Global Carbon Project, Germany is in fact one of the planet's six biggest net contributors to CO2 emissions. Yet as we always hear, they're the first to wag their finger about others. Lovely bunch, as my parents' generation will attest.

24 May 2016
ThwartedEfforts wrote:

Lovely bunch, as my parents' generation will attest.

Wow! We got there in the end.

24 May 2016
Surprised no one picked up on the little yellow stars comment first - guess we are still looking to talk about the war and ignore genocide...

24 May 2016
fatboyfat wrote:

Surprised no one picked up on the little yellow stars comment first - guess we are still looking to talk about the war and ignore genocide...

Yea but I think we got away with it


Hydrogen cars just went POP

24 May 2016
ThwartedEfforts - it's very easy to lower a country's CO2 emissions: just kill the manufacturing sector and import all your goods instead. That's what we in the UK are good at. Of course it makes no difference to global emissions (shipping goods halfway across the world will only add to them). Germany is Europe's manufacturing heartland an exports things like cars all over the world. They have made commendable strides in renewable energy, although boycotting nuclear means they still burn a lot of coal.

24 May 2016
The irony. The Germans would do better to compensate other nations for the pollution and deaths caused by their own defeat devices. Taking the moral high ground shows maladjustment on an epic scale.


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