Currently reading: Ford could move production out of UK due to Brexit
American-owned company warns of no-deal Brexit, saying it will take "whatever action is necessary" to protect its European business

Ford has warned the Prime Minister that it's working on plans to move production out of the UK due to Brexit, according to reports.

The American-owned company's bosses made the warning to Theresa May during a private call with business leaders, The Times has reported.

Ford declined to comment on the report, but a spokesperson said: "We have long urged the UK Government and Parliament to work together to avoid the country leaving the EU on a no-deal, hard Brexit basis on March 29. Such a situation would be catastrophic for the UK auto industry and Ford’s manufacturing operations in the country. We will take whatever action is necessary to preserve the competitiveness of our European business. We have no decision to announce today."

Ford, which has three production facilities and an R&D centre in the UK and employs around 13,000 staff, has previously revealed it was preparing alternative sites abroad but gave no further information.

It's currently undergoing a massive global restructuring of its business, including its European arm. It's planning a £14 billion cost-cutting programme, involving savings in manufacturing, engineering and purchasing, and will be evaluating its production sites as part of that process.

It recently cut around 400 jobs from its plant in Bridgend, South Wales.

British car industry officials have repeatedly warned of the damage that Brexit could cause. Several manufacturers are working on short-term contingency plans, including bringing forward production halts to just after 29 March, the day Britain is due to leave the European Union.

The Times reported that other businesses delivered a similar warning during the call. Nissan recently scrapped plans to produce the new X-Trail in Sunderland, citing Brexit concerns as well as the downturn in diesel popularity.

In response, May said that the Government is working on a package of financial support for businesses affected by a no-deal Brexit.


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jagdavey 14 February 2019

Hard Brexit puts 100,000 jobs at risk in Germany.

A study just published in Germany says that up to 100,000 jobs are at risk in Germany & another in France if there's an hard Brexit. So everyone in Europe will suffer 'cause of Brexit! Feel sorry for all those people in mainland Europe that will be out of work because you'll stop buying their cars. Hang on, Boris & Nigel were right after all!

d79m 14 February 2019

I love the way that

I love the way that everything is being blamed on Brexit. Nissan decided not to make the X trail in the uk because the government and media ran with a stupid comment about all diesels being banned. Forgetting that most of the engine production in the UK is diesel engines. Then blame it on Brexit when engine production moves to another country. 

scotty5 14 February 2019

A380 - a remainer's perspective.

Sad news today that Airbus is to stop production of their A380 superjumbo. The manufacturer said production ceasing due to an empty order book.

But we know better, we know the real reason - it was cancelled due to Brexit. With the wings being built in the UK, the costs would spiral and lengthy border queues would delay delivery to the Toulouse assembly plant.

Ignore globalisation. Ignore the economy. It's all Brexit's fault.

P.S.  Today's latest figures show the German economy missed falling in to recession by the narrowest margin last month. Of course this had nothing whatsoever to do with the Bundesbank citing a slowing of global trade, it was all Brexit's fault. Just thinking about transporter loads of British built Mini's queing up on the M20 made Germany go weak at the knees, causing every household to cancel holidays, cancel large item purchases and stockpile food and medicine.