Currently reading: Fiat 500 is Car of the Year 2008
Mazda 2 comes second in voting, and Ford Mondeo third

The new Fiat 500 has scored an emphatic victory in this year’s European Car of the Year competition. It notched 385 votes in all. Its nearest rival, the Mazda 2, tallied 325, while the remaining five finalists were well beaten; the Ford Mondeo scored 202 points, the Kia Cee’d 166, the Nissan Qashqai 147, the Mercedes C-class 128 and the Peugeot 308 97 points.

An overwhelming 34 of COTY’s 58 jurors, from 22 countries, made the Fiat 500 their first choice. Of the remaining 24 jurors, 16 chose the Mazda 2 as winner, a clear indication that this was indeed the year of the supermini.

The Fiat’s victory puts the lie to early assertions that “retro cars never win”. Jurors seemed impressed by unprecedented public interest in, and warm support for, the Fiat, even before launch. They were also probably mindful of the 2002 result, when BMW’s similarly iconic new Mini was easily defeated by Peugeot’s 307, a competent car which never truly defeated the leaders of its class, Ford’s Focus and VW’s Golf.

Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne was informed of the Fiat 500’s victory late last week by Frank Janssen, COTY’s executive vice president, and will receive the award officially on January 28 2008, in a special ceremony in Berlin.


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Car review

The 500 is a deserved success story for Fiat, offering bags of style, a fine drive and low costs

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Andrew Lee 20 November 2007

Re: Fiat 500 is Car of the Year 2008

I also thought the Mondeo would win. But think the Mazda 2 should have: unlike the 500, it has moved small car design forward - a bit. By not becoming another obese supermini it suggest that the new Fiesta will be even better (ie more refined). Back to the 500, it's retro(gressive). And did jury members try sitting in the back seat?!

pigpen 19 November 2007

Re: Fiat 500 is Car of the Year 2008

I think it should have been the Monda

scummyplum 19 November 2007

Re: Fiat 500 is Car of the Year 2008

Why did this win?

Standing on the shoulders of giants is apparently an invitation to sit at the top table these days.

Fiat could enter a turd and win.

Mark my words - you'll be cut up by one of these soon as the person driving will be applying make-up in the mirror while trying to get off the motorway having failed to signal or acknowledge you.

I hate it and detest the lack of imagination that so marked out the original.

Don't believe the hype people.