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Italian maker is diversifying its line-up to appeal to broader audience while maintaining exclusivity

Ferrari will expand its product line-up through diversifying the types of models it offers, according to commercial and marketing chief Enrico Galliera. 

Rather than focus on traditional replacements and variants of existing models, Galliera hopes to transform Ferrari by introducing new segments to the line-up - and he’s not just talking about its SUV, pegged for 2022. 

“What we are trying to do is become a lot less predictable. We are currently working to redesign our products of the future.

“For example, the [recently revealed] SF90 Stradale is not a car that was in our product range previously. It’s a completely new car, new technology, a new segment. It is what we are calling a ‘range supercar’. It’s not a LaFerrari. But it does supercar performance - and is available to a wider range of customers.”

Galliera has previously confirmed there will be five models launched this year. We’ve already seen the F8 Tributo and SF90 Stradale, while the remaining three are unknown. One is expected to be a convertible variant of the 812 Superfast, and Galliera hinted that at least one would be in a “new segment” for Ferrari. 

Ferrari 2465i

He said: “There are five launches in 2019. We are creating new segments for Ferrari to attract different customer profiles. There are a few clients who are looking for something different. 

“For example, Portofino is not necessarily peak Ferrari but it’s more elegant, more comfortable. There were lots of people that wanted a Ferrari but were scared by high-performance car. He continued: “We have a saying: different Ferraris for different Ferraristas.” 

By expanding its breadth of models, Galliera believes the brand can maintain exclusivity while still growing. “This is our strategy for the future,” he said. “We’re not selling more of the same product. We grow without pushing a single model.

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“We will see growth through new segments. And we expect to grow further in higher-end models. For example, the SF90, which has a 25% higher price than rest of range.”

Last year, Ferrari sold 9251 units, a figure which is expected to grow this year. The introduction of its SUV in 2022 is set to push volume towards 15,000 units.


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shadisheybani 6 August 2019

I love Ferrari

Thank you for your article, I love Ferarri 22 July 2019

Ferrari Car Designs of Today Are a Bit Lukewarm

Aesthetically speaking, Ferraris of today are no match for Ferraris of yesteryear. Maranello needs a change of direction in styling terms. 

Peter Cavellini 22 July 2019


 Is this just Ferrari’s roundabout way of saying it’s joining the Herd, going against its ethos and diversifying?