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Double-digit growth for the UK car industry in July has prompted analysts to improve their forecast for this year's new car registrations
Matt Burt
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6 August 2013

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has increased its predictions for this year’s new car registrations in reaction to strong growth across the private, fleet and business sectors last month.

New car registrations grew by 12.7 per cent in July compared to the same month in 2012. A total of 162,228 units were registered during the month and it was the 17th successive monthly rise for the UK market.

The SMMT has upgraded its previous cautious forecast and now predicts that sales for the whole of 2013 will hit 2.216 million vehicles, 8.4 per cent ahead of last year.

“Recently we’ve seen a range of economic indicators point to improving conditions, and our raised sales forecast emphasises how positively we view the rest of 2013,” said Mike Baunton, SMMT interim chief executive.

The new car registrations continue to be equally shared between petrol and diesel fuels. For the year to July, petrol held a 49.4 per cent market share and diesel 49.3 per cent. Alternatively fuelled vehicles accounted for the remaining 1.3 per cent of the market.

However, the number of pure electric and plug-in hybrids registered in the UK is continuing to increase. Registrations have increased by 70.7 per cent compared with the first seven months of 2012, with 1885 vehicles registered.

The Ford Fiesta continued its reign as the UK’s most popular car, with 9089 registered during July.

UK’s new cars registrations for July 2013

1 Ford Fiesta 9089 units

2 Ford Focus 7229

3 Vauxhall Astra 6165

4 Volkswagen Golf 5166

5 Vauxhall Corsa 4986

6 Nissan Qashqai 4312

7 BMW 3-series 3070

8 Volkswagen Polo 3001

9 Nissan Juke 2943

10 Fiat 500 2768




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6 August 2013

There are certainly lots of new registrations around these parts. What I do find surprising is the fiat 500 being in 10th. I hardly ever see 500's let alone new ones. 

Also surprised the fiat  beats the A1, A4, 1 series, Clio etc in to 10th place. Even the Evoque or Dacia Duster seem more popular around here.

6 August 2013

there are loads of FIAT 500s around, the place is seemingly knee deep in the things .......

I've not seen many Audi A1s around here, but the other very visible thing is Honda CRV and Nissan Quashquai, closely followed by the Evoque. I've only ever seen one Duster on the road around here and no Sanderos at all.

6 August 2013

Would Vauxhall take notice and update this ageing car? Same goes for Volkswagen Polo that is behind Qashqai and 3-Series.

I'm mildly surprised Juke stays in the Top 10 of the UK Sales Chart even after the introduction of rivals like 2008 and Captur.

6 August 2013

Why is anybody happy about this? The roads are far too crowded as it is and speed cameras etc have become a cash grab for local authorities everywhere,even in remote areas of Scotland!

6 August 2013

Altough I am a car enthusiast, art of my brain keeps wispering "This can't go on for ever ....." to keep on producing more and more cars or people to use on an increasingly crowded island seems on the face of it to be bonkers. Perhaps the media should be quoting figures for the net increase in the car population, rather than just the bald increase in production numbers. If we could balance the number of cars taken off the road with the number of newly manufactured cars ............

The same thing of course applies to population, but in a similar manner, no one, particularly politicians, even dare mention this even bigger problem.

6 August 2013

perhaps its no surprise, but in Yorkshire we seem to have loads of Dusters already. Very few Qashqai though, and not a huge number of 500s

As for the ever increasing number of car sales, i guess it should show the growing strength of our economy, but its probably more to do with cheap finance deals. 

It must be pretty close to saturation point. Its a new car for 1 in 30 of the population. If the average car gets to 15 years old, then thats 1 car for every 2 people and that includes those under 17, those too old to drive, and those who cant drive, so it must be very nearly 1 car for everyone who can. 

7 August 2013

"... but in Yorkshire we seem to have loads of Dusters already..."

Given the reports of the quality control problems of the India-built Dusters in UK, be interesting to see how long they last there.


7 August 2013

how many problems u heard about the indian built dusters? VAG,ford, hyundai, honda all makes cars in india and export it all accross the world. by your words they all should be problamatic and by this time they might have closed all the facilities down. what a joke.if duster is cheap then its  because nissan decided to make it cheap or they made it for a price. where ever the factory is the firm decides what component to be chosen and how it should be made.

             apple makes every thing in china,are they all non durable? at the same time various firms makes  low end to high end goods in china or india. ford's 'one car' motto simply is the same car all around the world irrrespective of where its made. buy an indian made or chinese made jetta/passat/polo and you wont find any difference with a european made one. the same goes with merc/bmw/audi etc etc.

   p.s  heard the same  in many comments about nissan micra, that car is an utter failure even in india bcoz its made cheap

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