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Range-topping Camaro and Corvette models will be used to inspire future designs and marketing for Chevrolet, confirm bosses

The range-topping Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette will be used to inspire the design and marketing of future Chevrolet models, according to GM’s design chief and Chevrolet’s European CEO.

Design boss Ed Welburn said the Camaro and Corvette are used as inspirations in many of the GM global design studios that work on Chevrolets. “You’ll see more of it in the future, particularly the front surface treatment of the Corvette,” he said.   

Chevrolet Europe boss Thomas Sedran said the company isn’t averse to using its two halo cars to market other models but would use “innovative” techniques to make the connection. “The biggest challenge is low brand awareness. Getting on the shopping list is the single biggest challenge,” he said. 

“Once you mention the name ‘Chevrolet’, there are a lot of positive associations with it. The Corvette has expressive design and value for money; it’s a bargain. That’s true for all of our cars.”

Dan Stevens

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Andrew Lee 18 November 2013


So GM have finally acknowledged the disconnect between its legendary glamour models and... Everything else it makes. Can't wait to see the next Adam and its Corvette-inspired 'front surface treatment'.
martin_66 18 November 2013

RHD Camaro?

Why not build a Right Hand Drive Camaro, and maybe even a Corvette? There is a big market in Australia for them, and they would surely sell over here too at the right price. They would make a change from all the usual boring BMWs, Mercs and Porsches. I would definitely be tempted.