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Advertising on the built-in flatscreens in self-driving cars will create new revenue streams for car makers

Self-driving cars will open up new revenue streams for car makers, many of them in in-car advertising and marketing, according to Volkswagen’s chief digital officer.

Speaking at the FT Future of the Car Summit, Johann Jungwirth sais the ability of autonomous cars to show adverts on in-car screens could even lead to the public being offered free, advertising-funded rides.

Sedric said: “Imagine a company like Nike: they can advertise new trainers in the Sedric on the big screen and then a pop-up message, this ride is for free, if we take you to the store. Do you accept?"

Volkswagen Sedric concept previews self-driving pod-like vehicle

Jungwirth, who joined VW from Apple, imagines driverless pods like the Sedric using its built-in large-format flatscreen to show advertising to the occupants. Those adverts could then link into the journey the pod makes.

Jungwirth says the global market for advertising on mobile devices has grown to $100bn (£77.3bn) per year, giving an indication of the potential growth in self-driving car ad revenues.

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