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Andy Palmer, CEO, says he wants to break the duopoly between Rolls Royce and Bentley with future Lagonda models
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27 October 2017

Future Lagonda models, two of which are due to be launched in 2023, will need to have unconventional designs, according to Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer.

He believes they must break away from the usual forms adopted by the established luxury rival models from Rolls-Royce and Bentley

Aston Lagonda Vision Concept previews 'radical' electric saloon

“The truth is I don’t want either of them to be what you’d call a traditional saloon,” Palmer told Autocar. “If we just do another three-box, it’s going to be hard to break into that market. So what I’m challenging the design guys to do is to look for something that breaks that duopoly [between Rolls and Bentley] but which still has appeal to what is a relatively conservative market, and what is still very much a chauffeur-driven market.” 

It is also possible that one of the cars will be a pure electric model, according to Palmer, and could share architecture with the forthcoming Aston DBX crossover

“The large-car platform, of which the DBX is the first execution, is engineered to accept an electric powertrain,” Palmer said. “It doesn’t get that at launch, but it does during its lifetime; not necessarily in the guise of DBX, but that architecture does get an electric drive during its lifetime.” 

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Andrew 61 27 October 2017

It looks like a customer survey.

- for potential customers. What design would you prefer, traditional or mould breaking. What power unit, a real engine or something from a washing machine ;-)

In truth being out of this market for so long could be aston's biggest handicap. It will be interesting to see what they finally come up with.

WallMeerkat 27 October 2017

Why not a fastback then, like

Why not a fastback then, like the Rapid was, or the VW Ayrton is?

wmb 27 October 2017

As crazy as it sounds...

...I suppose it could be done! I mean Bugatti done it, in the since that they produced two flagship vehicles in modern times, that the uber rich flock to and stand it line to give them their money! It would be nice to see Bugatti do more to directly challenge Rolls-Royce and Bentley, but still they have created something special that lives in that rarefied air of those to brands. If Lagonda/Aston is going to enter/break into that market, they product MUST be unique and special to separated from the other two! When Ford owned Aston Martin in the 90's, they built a concept the was a modern take on a vehicle from Astonishing past. It received a lot of buzz and there was talk of putting it into production, but that never happen. Maybe, like the Taran, something from the storied brand's past maybe where they can turn for inspiration to build their challenger of the "duopoloy" of Rolls-Royce and Bentley!