Aston has reduced the emissions of its V8s and V12s by 25 per cent over the past six years, but Bez believes there is still work to do
Matt Burt
17 July 2012

Aston Martin boss Ulrich Bez says that he’s open to the concept of using smaller-capacity engines, provided that it doesn’t detract from the exclusivity of the brand’s models.

Aston has reduced the emissions of its V8s and V12s by 25 per cent over the past six years, but Bez believes there is still work to do. “The job is not complete,” he said. “Four or even three cylinders are possible. If the spirit of the times demands six cylinders, then it has to be looked at.”

Bez warned that if Aston made such a move, it would “never undermine exclusivity. We must stay special”.

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17 July 2012

...if you're so concerned about emmissions?

17 July 2012

Is that actually true? 25% reduction?  My understanding was that the whole point of that cygnet was beacuase aston would of struggled to meet reduction in CO2 emmissions.

17 July 2012

This looks awful to me.

29 September 2012

It is good that aston has controlled its emission by a double digit percentage and still thinking beyond it. Fuel emissions not only pollutes the environment but also add to greater fuel consumption. Great job by aston.

 Mx Thor

17 October 2012
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17 October 2012
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21 March 2013

Upon reading this news last year, I am glad that top management still sees that there is a lot more work to do, even if Aston has managed to successfully reduce emissions. This is innovation, and it is great to see that it never stops. I do hope that this is the case for BMW when it installed the swirl flap blanking plates into its series of BMW automobiles. To me it was not carefully thought since even if it answers one need, it actually creates a new problem, since the swirl flaps disintegrates into the system, causing more harm. I am so glad that I did not buy that series; otherwise, I would be very dismayed with BMW.

13 May 2013
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3 June 2013

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10 July 2013

It is good to know that they are actually trying all means and methods to try and reduce emissions, but they do it all without sacrificing the exclusive quality that Aston has been offering to loyal customers all this while. We all want to drive an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly car but at the same time, we obviously do not wish the crucial factors like top notch performance to be excluded.


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