Currently reading: Nissan reveals clever LED rear-view mirror tech
The Nissan ZEOD RC racer will see the first application of new rear-view camera technology

Nissan has developed a rear-view system which allows the driver to switch between a conventional rear-view mirror and an LCD screen.

An LCD screen is integrated into the structure of the rear-view mirror and integrates with a high-resolution camera mounted at the back of the car. At the press of a button, the driver can switch between a conventional rear view ‘reflection’ and the screen showing a view unobstructed by the C-pillars, rear-seat passengers or luggage.

Nissan says the technology provides the driver with a “better view for a more comfortable driving experience”.

The 'Smart' rear-view mirror helps to provide a better rear view with a clear image possible in a variety of weather conditions, including rain and snow. The image-processing technology provides a glare-free image in sunrise or sunset conditions, or when being followed by a vehicle with main beam headlights.

Nissan chief Andy Palmer said it "offers the possibility of new and exciting designs for our upcoming models because 'Smart rearview mirror' is an alternative to a very wide rear window for good visibility. We'll have the flexibility to create new shapes, and to further improve aerodynamics for better fuel efficiency."

The first application of the Smart rear-view mirror will be in the Nissan ZEOD RC racer, which will compete at the Le Mans 24 Hour in the summer. The technology will launch in the Japanese market in the coming months.

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Turismo 11 March 2014

I have a feeling this system

I have a feeling this system uses LED not LCD technology.
An OLED display can be transparent and could integrate a glass mirror panel. The quality is also better.
I would need to see more official specs from Nissan to be clear about it.
optima 10 March 2014

Kia already

My KIA Optima already use something like this already. When reverse is selected the rear view mirror turns into a reverse camera. Not sure if using the camera all the time is a good thing or not but as a reversing aid its fantastic.
Granturismo 10 March 2014

Its alright until the camera

Its alright until the camera gets dirty......