Currently reading: Nissan boss wants autonomous cars by 2020
First fully autonomous Nissan to launch by 2020; tech to roll out within two generations

Nissan boss Andy Palmer has pledged that Nissan will have a production-ready vehicle capable of autonomous driving by 2020.

Speaking at the Geneva motor show, he said that the technology would be rolled out across all vehicles in Nissan’s range within two generations.

Although a range of autonomous systems are open, from lane keeping aids and adaptive cruise control to fully driverless cars, Palmer said his plan was to launch a car capable of driving itself from A to B, but it would require human intervention in certain circumstances.

"In the traffic of Delhi, for instance, human control may be more effective," he said. "Autonomous driving on this level is very popular with governments as it advances the goal of zero fatalities. What we are not talking about here is cars that allow you to go to the pub, have a few drinks and then fall in the back while you are driven home."

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fadyady 7 March 2014

Minicab? Anyone? Why not?

Somebody please tell the Nissan boss that from a commuter's perspective a minicab is pretty much a self-driving car. Instead of owning a self-driving car why wouldn't one phone a cab? Is driving not an essential part of owning a car?
xxxx 7 March 2014

what a waste

The only thing missing is how much it add to the cost of nissan Juke. Autocar, unless this question is asked please stop running these fairy stories.

"production-ready vehicle" means it'll never be put into actual production.

dgate 28 December 2014


If we worried about adding cost nothing would ever change. All the safety, comfort, pollution and navigation equipment on todays cars added cost but has become the norm.
Cheaper more basic lines are always available but it would be interesting to see the ratio of sales between basic and fully equipped models.