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More power and sharper handling for new Autobiography Dynamic version of the baby Range Rover, but performance RS version canned
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2 March 2014

A sportier version of Land Rover's Range Rover Evoque has been revealed at the Geneva motor show. The Evoque Autobiography Dynamic gets increased power and more dynamic handling, and will go on sale in the final three months of the year.

The Dynamic is powered by an upgraded version of the existing 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine developing 281bhp, up 44bhp, and 295lb ft, an increase of 44lb ft. The performance gains are as a result of a new single-scroll turbo, recalibrated engine mapping and a new sports exhaust system which emits a sound described as “appropriately muscular”.

The engine drives via a recalibrated nine-speed ZF automatic gearbox, which Land Rover says responds more keenly to inputs than in other Evoques. Land Rover claims a “noticeable” increase in mid-range performance.

The Evoque Autobiography Dynamic is capable of reaching 60mph in 6.7sec and a top speed limited to 140mph.

The new model also has uprated steering, which has been “specially tuned for greater on-centre precision”.

The Evoque’s suspension features tweaks to the geometry, firmer springs and recalibrated dampers. The result, says Land Rover, is increased agility and turn-in response, without impacting on ride quality.

Land Rover says the car’s active driveline system is the first four-wheel drive system of its kind. It seamlessly switches to front-wheel drive during a steady-speed cruise above 22mph, eliminating all drag losses from the rear driveline. It can reengage four-wheel drive in 300ms.

It also optimises torque delivery between the rear wheels and can lock them together for improved on- and off-road traction. Torque Vectoring by Braking (TVB) is standard, which Land Rover says helps to reduce understeer on both high and low-grip surfaces. Upgraded 350mm front brake discs also feature.

Available in both three- and five-door body styles, the Evoque Autobiography Dynamic gets a new grille design, a lower front valance, darkened headlights and taillights, 20-inch forged alloy wheels and a unique Phoenix Orange paint finish. A black contrast roof is standard.

Inside, there’s a choice of six leather trim colours, along with the option of sports or premium climate seats. It carries Autobiography logos in the front seats and the dash features dark brushed aluminium trim.

The car will also feature the new Land Rover InControl app which, when downloaded to a smartphone, will allow the driver to operate apps on a connected Apple or Android device via the vehicle’s touchscreen. Specific apps for in-vehicle use will function on the touchscreen and new content will be offered each time the app updates. Other apps allow the remote monitoring of fuel levels, whether the car’s windows are open and the logging of journey details.


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A range of apps will be available at launch, including audio, location sharing, mapping, parking locations, news, Twitter readers and conference calling.

The new model marks the first time the Autobiography name has appeared on the Evoque. The new flagship sits above Pure, Dynamic and Prestige models.

It is understood that plans for an RS-badged hot Evoque have been shelved. The model was originally tipped to use a 300bhp version of the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine.

Land Rover has sold 270,000 Evoques since the model was launched in 2011.

Additional reporting by Stuart Milne, 2 March 2014

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2 March 2014
I'm surprised that Range Rover have not introduced this version with 300bhp, so as to compete with the Porsche Macan. I'm also surprised that they are not using a dual-scroll turbo to reduce turbo lag.

This is no time for Land Rover to be complacent about the Evoque.

18 February 2014
Why did they have to paint it the same colour as a road cone? You can look a prick driving an Evoque around without them having to do that.

18 February 2014
Victoria Beckham Orange.

18 February 2014
Autocar wrote:

All versions of the Evoque Autobiography Dynamic come with unique Phoenix Orange paint finish

Are you sure this is correct...only one colour?

18 February 2014
Incorrect - just an additional colour, see JLR press release on the JLR newsroom website.


3 March 2014
I can see why this colour has been introduced...with all this tech on board and legendary L-R build quality, you are going to be spending a lot of time on the hard shoulder of the its a safe colour. Also you will be on first name terms with your friendly RAC recovery driver, so the colour wont clash on the back of his truck!

18 February 2014
...The Macan is much bigger, pricier and competes in the class above against the Audi Q5 and BMW X3. The 281 BHP (285 PS) Evoque will rival the 310 PS Audi RS Q3. There's no BMW X1 or Mercedes-Benz GLA equivalent. Yet.

18 February 2014
With its letterbox back window, and limited transmission options, the Evoque is an exceptionally niche product with limited appeal across the world.

Practical and Sporty characteristics can be combined. It is acceptable (to some) if you cannot see out of the back of your Lamborghini supercar - but the same does not ring true for any SUV.

Journalists write about "proper" 4x4s and "Soft roaders" until their readers minds are pickled.

As a farmer, the best Agricultural vehicle has a pick-up body, and must be able to be hosed out. A Toyota Hi-Lux is possibly the world beater, although F 150s in USA & a Holden or Ford Ute in Australia score highly.

The Evoque's natural habitat is the Urban jungle, where their only customer segment prefers image to practicality.

2 March 2014
RPrior wrote:

As a farmer, the best Agricultural vehicle has a pick-up body, and must be able to be hosed out. A Toyota Hi-Lux is possibly the world beater, although F 150s in USA & a Holden or Ford Ute in Australia score highly.

The Evoque's natural habitat is the Urban jungle, where their only customer segment prefers image to practicality.

Has anyone, including RangeRover, ever suggested anything else? The Evoque was never meant as sort of part-time agricultural vehicle or they'd be selling Victoria Beckham designer green wellies on the options list.


18 February 2014
... and seriously threatens to rain on the Evoque parade. Especially when the 2.0 TDi Macan arrives. Evoque may be *slightly* cheaper (and smaller, although in the vanity SUV class that isn't important) . But the high end Evoques (and any RS version) are in the same price range.

JLR will respond with the next Freelander being more competitive (one hopes)...


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