The Toyota GT86 convertible has been spied for the first time ahead of its debut at the Geneva motor show next month
Matt Burt
18 February 2013

The Toyota GT86 has been spied for the first time, ahead of its Geneva motor show debut. The open-topped version of the lauded sportscar had previously only been seen in an official sketch

Toyota says it will use the Geneva concept to gauge public reaction to the idea, although the Japanese company adds that it will press ahead with engineering tests on a prototype at the same time.

The shots show the car's styling is virtually unchanged from the coupe. The bootlid is raised, suggesting this could be close to production-spec. It is thought the car will feature a fabric roof in an effort to keep any weight increases to a minimum.

As reported by Autocar last May, key Toyota engineering staff involved with the development of the rear-wheel-drive coupé are keen to capitalise on the positive reaction to the car by producing several variants.

Toyota GT86 project engineer Tetsuya Tada has previously confirmed to Autocar that a convertible version of the car is “technically feasible”. A drop-top version of the Subaru BRZ is also in the pipeline.

Given the engineering work already undertaken and the likely popularity of an open-top version, particularly in California, a production convertible is almost inevitable, and could possibly be on sale as early as 2014.

Also making its world premiere at the Swiss automotive expo will be the Toyota i-Road concept. It has been conceived as a compact, emissions-free two-person vehicle to offer quick and efficient urban transport.

The two concepts will share Toyota's show stand with the production-ready version of the Toyota Auris Touring Sports.

The new estate is not expected to differ dramatically from the preview example of the British-built model that was revealed at last year's Paris motor show. The model’s debut will be supported by the presentation of a special design study called the Auris Touring Sports Black.

The final jewel in Toyota's Geneva crown is the first appearance of the Toyota RAV4 at a European motor show. The debut of the fourth-generation SUV will be supported by two special design studies, the RAV4 Premium and RAV4 Adventure.    

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Toyota GT86

This light, uncomplicated coupé promises so much. Can the Toyota GT86 deliver?

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1 February 2013

... and just what the world needs to sit between the MX5 and the Z4/SLK. 


1 February 2013

Autocar's rendering gives it that fat-assed look, like the Ferrari California.  But that has a reason to have a big back-side.  Hopefully the GT-86 will be more svelte.

I really don't like the look of the GT-86, but lopping the roof off makes it more appealing.  And it looks like it might have a tiny rear seat for me to squash the dog into.

2 February 2013

I wonder if the convertible was engineered from the outset when developing the coupe as historically a lot of drop-tops have had the structural integrity of a wet paper bag once their roof has been lopped off.

Can your GP prescribe anything for range anxiety?

18 February 2013

Toyota GT86 ticks several boxes and looks well set to develop a cult following in time.

Being a Toyota it'd still be around while most rivals will be rusting in auto scrapyards.

This layman's sports car is bound to have several derivatives during its production run.

Convertible is just the start. I'd be a taker for a 4-door GT version like Hyundai's Veloster?

18 February 2013

This is the best convertible in the world.

18 February 2013

looking forward to seeing how this compares to a MX5 or baseline Z4 or SLK

twitter @anikadamali, @notPCnairobi

18 February 2013

Quite nice, if your into cabrio's?

Peter Cavellini.

18 February 2013

where are all the purists decrying this savage attack on a car that we are supposed to believe needed nothing more to make it pefect, and certainly nothing less (like its roof)?

Actually this sort of thing is exactly what's required to make a rather unspecial car turn up on the radars of normal, non-anorak buyers. Bit more power, bit more frivolity in the sunshine, who knows, maybe they'll make a shooting brake version for a bit more enjoyment moving large items of furniture.

19 February 2013

In the Autocar rendering the big rear end hump looks out of place especially on a small car.  The windshield needs to be more raked for a sleek and sporty look.

Let's hope the actual model is a looker.

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