A decision on a convertible version of the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ is imminent

Toyota and Subaru are expected to make a decision soon on whether to put a convertible version of the GT86/BRZ rear-wheel-drive sports car into production.

Toyota GT86 project engineer Tetsuya Tada confirmed that a convertible version of the car was “technically feasible”. Given the engineering work already undertaken and the likely popularity of an open-top version, particularly in California, a production convertible is almost inevitable, and could possibly be on sale as early as 2014.

Toyota is keen to maintain its promising early sales momentum with a series of model variations and performance pack offerings. “We have not seen a third of the development planned for the GT86,” said Tada.

A black-box telemetry system is one of the developments, which can be retro-fitted to cars. It will record data from track days and allow drivers to compare their performance with other owners by downloading data onto PlayStations. They can also download online tutorials and demos, and Toyota engineers are currently mapping major tracks to note the GT86’s behaviour.

Getting the telemetry scheme signed off by Toyota’s conservative board wasn’t easy, according to Tada, but was aided by the keenness of enthusiast boss Akio Toyoda, who sampled the developing GT86 every month.

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31 May 2012

Harking back to the days of the celica cabrio, but this, with it's big back end looks like a cut and shut using two different cars.

I hope this is just photoshop mock up.

31 May 2012

@Beastie-Boy.... What part of "Autocar image" isn't clear? Obviously it's a mock up. Keep your pants on. 

31 May 2012

Cracks wrote:

@Beastie-Boy.... What part of "Autocar image" isn't clear? Obviously it's a mock up. Keep your pants on. 

If I retouched images that badly, my company would have gone down (along with my pants) some time ago.

31 May 2012

For the GT86 Shootingbrake! All the shopping bags you can carry, now sideways (don't break the eggs!) LOL

31 May 2012

They would be daft not to unless the structural rigidity is seroiusly compromised.

31 May 2012

A no brainer if the coupe takes off saleswise.

31 May 2012

its obvious to do such a car considering convertibles are very popular in warmer parts of the world and as weekend car they make much sense (I imagine a large amount of these GT86's and BRZ will end up being weekend cars due to the tail happiness of them).

Just look at the Mazda MX5 you barely ever see them on the road until it hits the summer then they are everywhere pretty much

1 June 2012

good news!

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