Currently reading: Geneva motor show 2013: KTM X-Bow GT
The KTM X-Bow GT is the first X-Bow variant to feature a windscreen and doors

A new KTM X-Bow, with more focus on on-road driving, has premiered at the Geneva motor show.

No official information is available, but these official images show the KTM X-Bow GT features a wraparound windscreen. As a result, the car will also feature windscreen wipers and a method in which to heat it. The X-Bow will also be equipped with doors for the first time.

Power is likely to come from the same 237bhp four-cylinder turbocharged Audi engine, mated to a six-speed gearbox.

It is not currently known how the addition of the windscreen will affect the standard car’s aerodynamics, which generates almost 200kg of downforce at 124mph.

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TegTypeR 28 February 2013

Considering the height of the

Considering the height of the windscreen and the structural integrity it must have (for roll over puroposes), I am surprised they haven't offered it with a token Posche Speedster style roof.


Peter Cavellini 28 February 2013

Oh! i dunno!?


I like this, i think it's an improvement, the color is great too,and the detailing isn't over the top FOR a car like this......

xxxx 28 February 2013

looks a bit...

.. like a Halfords special.  Wish them well though as I've a KTM motorbike and they're a pretty good manuafacturer