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Saloon will be shown at Geneva - but there are still no plans for a UK launch
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3 March 2010

A European version of the Suzuki Kizashi saloon has been revealed at the Geneva motor show – but the firm still has no plans to bring it to the UK.

The Kizashi at Geneva is for the Swiss market only. Suzuki is looking at launching its Mondeo rival on a market-by-market basis and Suzuki UK is keen to take the model when the time is right.

Suzuki Kizashi first drive

The Kizashi is currently only available with a 2.4-litre petrol engine, and a Suzuki source told Autocar that this powerplant would be difficult to market in the UK.

“With an engine with CO2 emissions of around 180g/km, it would be hard to make an impact in the sector,” said the source. “We’d also have a challenge with corporate sales with that engine.”

See pics of the Suzuki Kizashi

Suzuki is still keen to bring the car to the UK when the market conditions are right, but for now it would just compete in the small car sector.

The Kizashi is currently available in Japan, but US and Australia and Swiss sales would start soon after the show. Suzuki currently has no plans to sell the European model outside Switzerland, but this is under constant review.

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Flash Harry 3 March 2010

Re: Suzuki Kizashi gets Euro launch

i would think it should sell quite well with the right engine.i suspect Suzuki and Volkswagen were working together for ages before VW took a 20% stake.This car has VWdesign cues from every angle.and looks like a Jetta from the front.A pity really!!

Zeddy 3 March 2010

Re: Suzuki Kizashi gets Euro launch

beachland2 wrote:
I despair at american engines.

Yes, but the Americans don't.

You'd would have thought the Swiss would be into "The car is destroying the planet single handed" and wouldn't be keen on this car.

The Swiss are an enigma wrapped in a puzzle within a conundrum at times.

beachland2 29 January 2010

Re: Suzuki Kizashi gets Euro launch

I despair at american engines.

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