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Protoscar Lampo 2 will be on show at Geneva next month
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2 March 2010

Swiss car maker Protoscar has revealed its all-electric Lampo 2 sports car.

The Protoscar Lampo 2 is underpinned by General Motors’ Kappa platform, which has previously been used on the Saturn Sky and Opel GT.

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It is powered by two electric motors and a lithium ion battery pack. The motors’ combined power output is equivalent to 345bhp and combined torque is 442lb ft. Extra power comes from solar panels on its bodywork.

Each motor powers one axle ensuring the Lampo 2 is all-wheel drive. Torque can be varied between the front and rear axles to improve handling and efficiency.

The Lampo 2 can get from 0-62mph in around five seconds and go on to reach a top speed of 124mph. It has four different charging options including one which provides a 60 mile range after just 10 minutes recharging.

Its maximum range is 124miles and a full recharge takes around eight hours from a standard household plug socket.

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Peter Cavellini 9 February 2010

Re: Electric Swiss sports car revealed

It's all a bit back to the future stuff, what next a car that runs on recycling your household waste?,another five years and these kind of cars will be more accepted, at the moment their,too expensive, too limited by range and where to re-charge(no infra-structure), and if the government decides to go the Hydrogen route, they'll be obsolete in a decade.

roverfan1984 9 February 2010

Re: Electric Swiss sports car revealed

I bizarrely cant decide whether I think its hideous or actually quite cool....

I dont like the front. But I like the overall proportions. & I love the covered rear wheels- I keep hoping Jaguar will reintroduce these as they were quite a Jaguar feature in the 50s, & would look sooo cool now.

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